Liberal Media Fact-Checks Hilarious Satire Piece About Ninth Circuit Court Overturning RBG's Death

 Just as we thought the leftist mainstream media mob couldn’t possibly do anything more whacky than it already has over the past several years, it appears that one of its members just took the proverbial cake in a “fact checking” piece on a story published one of the internet’s most popular and widely known satire sites, The Babylon Bee.

USA Today fact-checkers, according to The Blaze, really dug in and performed their due diligence and research on a piece by The Babylon Bee entitled, “Ninth Circuit Court Overturns Death Of Ruth Bader Ginsburg,” which was not only hilariously written, but also a prime dig at the extremely liberal federal court that has a rich history of going against pretty much anything President Donald Trump does.

And I wish I were joking, but sadly, I’m not. USA Today fact-checked the piece as if it were fake news that just needed an immediate debunking.

The knee-slapping article jokingly stated that the death of RBG was ruled by the Ninth Circuit as unconstitutional and merely a ploy to allow President Trump to appoint a conservative replacement for the now-empty SCOTUS seat.

As it usually does, the site included very obvious fake quotes within the brilliant satire piece. In this one, they added a fake quote from Justice Justice Kim McLane Wardlaw from the liberal Ninth Circuit’s bench in which she vowed to “block any attempt [to replace RBG] until we figure out a way to resurrect her or maybe clone her and restore her to her already ‘legally alive’ state. We’re still figuring that part out.”

But the geniuses on the USA Today fact-checker team disputed that quote in their official response to the story.

“There is no record of any Wardlaw opinion on Ginsburg’s death on the website for the 9th Circuit, but she participated in a panel discussion Friday about Ginsburg’s life produced by the UCLA School of Law,” USA Today writer Chelsey Cox wrote. “There was no mention of ‘reviving’ Ginsburg during the discussion.”

Um, yeah, no kidding Chelsey.

Apparently desperate to publish any kind of content whatsoever, the USA Today fact-check piece went on, in detail, about the long history of the Federal court opposing a number of rulings made by the Trump administration.

Finally, they got to the meat and potatoes of their tirelessly researched determination.

“A satirical article about the 9th Circuit ‘overturning’ Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death has no basis in fact. It is true that the 9th Circuit has ruled against many Trump-era policies,” the report said, as if they’d just saved America from such grossly false information.

Perhaps next time around, instead of wasting time fact-checking a legendary and well known satirical news website, the fact-checkers in the liberal media could spend a little more time monitoring all of the malarkey and lies that Joe Biden literally spouts on a daily basis.

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