Indications Are that AG Barr Is Working on a Massive Sedition and Conspiracy Case Against Those Behind Violent Riots Across the US


Is AG Barr in the middle of a massive conspiracy and sedition case against those behind the violent and deadly riots around the country? It sure looks like it.

There are numerous signs that AG Barr is now working on a conspiracy and sedition case against the evil forces attempting to destroy US cities through violent and deadly protests.

The Louisville Riots

In Louisville the driver of the U-Haul rented out to Holly Zoller of the Bail Project was arrested and the truck was taken into police custody, according to internal logs from the rental company that were leaked .

Zoller’s name is not listed on the internal note. A secondary person listed on the rental agreement is scheduled to be arraigned on two charges on Monday.

An internal note at 6:17 p.m. on Wednesday reads, “State Trooper called me asking for the customer’s info. Name, Person was arrested and police have truck.”

The pre-parked truck was loaded with shields painted with anti-police messages, umbrellas, gas masks, and other riot supplies.

At 1:46 a.m. on Thursday, a note was added to the record from Senior Management that read “DO NOT ADD ANY FURTHER NOTES TO THIS CONTRACT,” likely because the records had been leaked online by this point.

We noted that Zoller is not currently listed as an inmate in the Kentucky system.  Also, her organization, The Bail Project, claims to have paid bail for 12,096 criminals to date. Multiple people on the board of the organization were Soros Fellows.

According to her bio on the Bail Project website, Zoller “has organized around anti-fascist movements. Prior to joining TBP, Holly owned a gardening company, worked as a sous chef, and as a professional organizer. Holly lives in Louisville with her three daughters.”

The secondary contact for the U-Haul rental was listed as Keirreanna Munoz.

Munoz is scheduled to be arraigned for two charges on Monday.

One indication that the government and AG Barr are working on a broader case against those who are destroying US inner cities through riots and violence is that Ms. Zoller is not listed in local court records.  If she is involved in a broader government case, she would be arrested and charged in federal courts.

President Trump’s Declaration of Antifa as a Terrorist Group

Back in early June, President Trump officially labeled Antifa a terrorist group as reported then by US News and World Report:

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany on Monday pointed to the statute that defines an act of domestic terrorism under the law and said the Justice Department has used that definition in the past to invoke greater investigatory powers and to apply harsher penalties. She did not discuss how that definition could be employed to designate a domestic group as a terror organization and said the statute is used as a “prosecutorial method.”

Antifa, short for “anti-fascist,” is not considered an organization but is rather a diffuse, decentralized movement of individuals and small groups of people who typically subscribe to a similar, radical far-left ideology. Some are willing to commit crimes or engage in aggressive protest tactics to further their beliefs.

Shortly after Trump’s tweet Sunday, Attorney General William Barr said in a statement that federal law enforcement would work to apprehend “the violent radical agitators who have hijacked peaceful protest and are engaged in violations of federal law.” Barr made no mention of the president’s statement and did not designate antifa as a terrorist group but said that the crimes in question were acts of domestic terrorism.

“The violence instigated and carried out by Antifa and other similar groups in connection with the rioting is domestic terrorism and will be treated accordingly,” Barr said.

We reported last week that we are able to determine that Democrat anti-Semite Linda Sarsour was in front of the rioters in Louisville and that she was alongside members of Portland’s ‘Three Arrows’ Antifa battalion.  Someone is paying these creeps to riot across the US. 

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