Former 'View' Co-Host Would 'Much Rather Share Jesus with People' Instead of Returning

Actress Candace Cameron Bure has had enough of politics, but not of what is really important to her — her faith.
In an interview with Fox News published last week, the 44-year-old actress said that even though “The View” has a vacancy, she doesn’t plan to go back to the daytime talk show that she left in 2016.
“I don’t want to talk about politics. I just don’t. I don’t publicly want to talk about politics,” Bure said.
“Not because I don’t believe that my viewpoints and opinions are important but I’d much rather share Jesus with people. That’s really my passion,” she said.
Bure said she does not want to be part of divisiveness.
“I don’t want to get into the political debate because it just is about division and separation. And I want to learn. I want to be [part of] a conversation about how to build a bridge,” she said.
Bure spoke about her faith earlier this summer in another interview with Fox News.
“My faith is really the foundation of who I am,” she said in July.
“It’s so important to me, and it’s always a part of me, whether it’s at home and privately, or when I’m reading the Bible in Bible study. But also at work, and the choices I make within work, and the companies I choose to work with and the projects that I choose to take on.”
“The Bible to me is truth,” Bure added.
“I can always go back to the word of God and find the hope, the encouragement, the positivity, the trust that I know I have in Jesus. And so it never fails, even when life doesn’t go the way I want it to or had planned it to. I know that God’s in control of everything,” she said.
Bure said faith is not an add-on — it is part of who she is.
“I live by faith in everything, in everything that I do, and every aspect of my life. So it’s not just something that I rely on or is a crutch. I mean, it is genuinely who I am. How it helps me? It’s hard to say because it’s just a part of my being,” she said.

In her latest interview, Bure said she has returned to work and made two Hallmark movies that were filmed in Canada.
Under the new safety guidelines, “everyone has to move at a little bit slower of a pace because everyone can’t do their job at the same time. And I actually think that’s a plus,” she said.
“It allows people to do their specific job with a little extra room and a few extra minutes. I think it’s a really good positive thing because usually everyone is in such a rush to get it done so fast, so quick, and so now everyone’s taking a breath.”
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