Deep State Document on the Infamous Joseph Mifsud Finally Released – Indicates Mueller Gang Covered Up Scandalous Deep State Activity

Mysterious Joseph Mifsud is connected to the Obamagate Scandal after presumably setting up Trump volunteer George Papadopoulos in London and Rome. He also was close to Hillary Clinton and even dined with her in 2016.
Yesterday the 302 filed by the Deep State after their interview with Mifsud in 2017 was finally released.  This report was kept hidden, perhaps illegally, to prevent the revelation of potential crimes by the Deep State and Mueller gang. 
No wonder they kept it hidden till now!
 Mueller gang blamed George Papadopoulos for withholding information that ended up preventing the government from investigating Mifsud leading to their letting him go.
On page 193 of the Mueller report, the Mueller gang claims that Papadopoulus’s false statements impeded the FBI’s investigation into Joseph Mifsud who was interviewed in a hotel lobby a month later on February 10, 2017. The Mueller gang next referred to the Papadopoulos case rather than an FBI 302 in their report. This happens for Mifsud even though for everybody else, there is an FBI 302 created with a description of what was said to the FBI. In fact, the Mueller report never references any FBI302 for Mifsud. And it gets even more interesting….
Not only that but Mifsud was accused of omitting that he drafted messages to Papadopoulos, everyone else was indicted for lying to the FBI but for some reason Mifsud was protected.
Why is that?
Rep. Jim Jordan called out Robert Mueller in front of Congress in the summer of 2019.  Mueller would not answer why this happened:

Candidate Trump’s unpaid volunteer George Papadopoulos stated he believes he was spied on by the Deep State through Joseph Mifsud. This is the same Mifsud who dined with Hillary Clinton and a group of Italian socialists prior to the 2016 election.
Last year Italian prosecutors reported the notorious deep state spy Joseph Mifsud was dead after he had gone missing for two years. Then he went missing.

For the past two years Mifsud’s whereabouts have been unknown, many suspected he was dead.
General Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell requested that the US government provide her and her client, General Mike Flynn, documents related to Deep State spy Joseph Mifsud from an event in late 2015. It looks like Mifsud may have been involved in setting up General Flynn as well.
Two of Joseph Mifsud’s phones with UK serial numbers are being held by the DOJ – General Michael Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell requested that the DOJ turn over the contents of two phones related to Joseph Mifsud. We now know those phones were from the UK, the country that is more suspect than Russia ever was!
We also reported that former and fired FBI Director James Comey and Joseph Mifsud met in Australia. ProDreamer1 reported that Joseph Mifsud and James Comey were both in Australia the week before the George Papadopoulos meeting.
RT News put together an excellent video on Mifsud –

Yesterday the 302 from the FBI’s discussion with Joseph Mifsud was finally released.

Techno Fog shared:

What the release of the 302 shows is that the Mueller gang lied when they claimed Papadopoulos prevented them from performing an adequate interview with Mifsud.
The FBI didn’t bother to ask many questions about Russia with Mifsud when they met him.
The corrupt FBI never followed up with Mifsud nor is there any information that they tried to:
Finally, it must be asked, why was this document classified in the first place?
It’s against the law in various situations to conceal or prevent documents from being released when there is no reason to do so other than to cover up your own crimes or misdeeds:

Poor Joseph Mifsud is missing. We don’t know why the FBI and the Mueller gang let him go after lying to the FBI.  But now we do have an idea why the FBI and Mueller gang withheld providing the 302 document that confirms their discussion with Mifsud.
They were covering up Deep State misdeeds.
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