White Lib Exposes Her Racism, Chastises Black Lawyer Who 'Sounds White'

Far-left lawyer Dottie Gibbons-White absolutely humiliated herself on Monday when she referred to lawyer and journalist Josie Duffy Rice, a black woman, as white on Twitter.
While Gibbons-White has deleted the embarrassing tweets, reporter Yashar Ali managed to capture them and do the basic research she did not do on Duffy Rice:
Gibbons-White began her attack on Duffy Rice by commenting on a tweet from liberal journalist Toure criticizing Duffy Rice’s position that Amy Cooper, a liberal white woman who falsely complained to the police that an African-American man was threatening her life, should not face criminal charges:

Duffy Rice held the position that Cooper has already faced enough repercussions since the video of her encounter with Christian Cooper (no relation) went public, causing her to lose her job, her dog, and her reputation.
Gibbons-White, however, found Duffy Rice’s point of view horrifying.
According to photos of the tweets from Ali, Gibbons-White claimed Duffy Rice’s opinion was a result of her “White privilege.” In a separate tweet, Gibbons-White described Duffy Rice as the “worst kind of White lawyer to be speaking on this issue.”
It would have taken a five-second glance at Duffy Rice’s profile on the part of Gibbons-White to save herself some humiliation. Duffy Rice herself pointed this out in a response to Ali’s tweet:
Incredibly, Gibbons-White managed to dig herself into an even deeper hole when her mistake was called out. She used her first half-hearted apology to proclaim that Duffy Rice’s argument “sure sounds White.” 
The fact that Gibbons-White, whose Twitter profile features the phrase “Vote Blue No Matter Who,” would make such an ignorant comment should not come as a surprise.
After all, her preferred presidential candidate, Joe Biden, said “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”
Gibbons-White’s tweets basically echoed that sentiment with a few changes: “If you do not support criminal charges against Amy Cooper, then you ain’t black.”
Eventually, Gibbons-White gave a more sincere apology, noting she “made a big mistake in not researching before commenting.”
Believe it or not, Gibbons-White is not the first leftist to mistakenly accuse a black person of having “white privilege.”
Just last year, CNN analyst Areva Martin accused radio host David Webb, a black man, of having “white privilege” by “virtue of being a white male” during an appearance on his radio show.
At that point, Webb informed Martin: “I hate to break it to you, but you should’ve been better prepped. I’m black.”
Appearing on Fox News the next day, Webb maintained that “there is no such thing as white privilege.”
In an effort to prove themselves as woke anti-racists, liberals have instead revealed themselves as racists. Only a racist would believe someone who looks a certain way has to act or think a certain way.
Real anti-racists realize skin color alone does not define an individual, and a person’s race does not and should not require them to think a certain way.
Only when individualism replaces the tribalism of the left will America have any chance of achieving the racial harmony that liberals are supposedly pining for.
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