Fed Up with Desecration of US Flag, Combat Vet Creates One That Won't Burn

As flag burning and other attacks on American history continue to plague our nation, it’s hard to not want to get out and do something about it.
Thankfully, a combat veteran has invented an American flag that will frustrate and foil any punk trying to set it on fire.
Former Green Beret Kyle Daniels released his first design to the public on June 14, Flag Day.
Considering it’s made from Kevlar and Nomex, rioters will have a hard time turning these flags to ash. The flag’s design is so unique that Daniels knew he must find machines and material new to the flag-making world.
“He understood that he’d been fighting for America’s freedom, including the important freedom to protest,” Firebrand Flags’ website explains about Daniels. “But he didn’t like seeing the American flag burned.”
The materials used by the combat veteran virtually guarantee that the average protester will find this flag to be a formidable foe.
Rioters armed with store-bought fire accelerants and a Bic lighter will be woefully outmatched, completely unable to produce the heat required to melt Kevlar and Nomex.
According to the company, its purchase of Kevlar for flags was the largest acquisition of the fabric outside of the U.S. military.
Daniels and his company are more than ready to put fireproof flags on American homes and businesses.
Although attacks on the American flag have only recently started to become popular again among radicals, the veteran business owner’s love of Old Glory dates back years.
“I got sick to my stomach watching the American flag being burned as a means of protest,” Daniels told The Veterans Project. “That flag means so much more to me now after seeing the sacrifice of my brothers and sisters in arms made to defend what it represents.
“So, instead of sitting back and griping and moaning about people burning flags I decided to take action and make a change.” 
This veteran’s ingenious idea is a perfectly legal way to defeat anti-flag protesters aiming to burn the American flag.

For local governments and businesses in the middle of riots and unrest rocking American cities, the fireproof flag presents an option to safeguard the values we hold dear while frustrating protesters.
As our own history falls under attack, it’s time for patriots to band together in defense of the flag.
This fireproof banner’s introduction to the market sends a signal to those standing against America that her flag won’t so easily fall.
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