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Customer Gets So Upset Over Waiter Wearing A ‘Don’t Be Racist’ T-Shirt That He Leaves A Negative Review, And Now Everyone Is Trolling Him

What do people leave bad restaurant reviews for? Many reasons may be to blame, some legit, some not so much. But one guy who “really enjoy...

What do people leave bad restaurant reviews for? Many reasons may be to blame, some legit, some not so much. But one guy who “really enjoyed the food and service” got upset about something entirely different. It turns out, his waiter’s shirt, which read “hi. don’t be racist. thanks.” was enough to write a negative review for “employee’s ideology plastered on the shirt.”
As one would expect, people on the internet weren’t buying it. After the Chowder House employee named Bryan shared the incident on Twitter, the story blew up with 18.1K retweets and 101.9K likes. Folks “couldn’t even” over the absurd complaint and everyone seemed to show their support to Bryan.
But nobody foresaw what happened next. The restaurant owner added a bunch of items to the basket, and you can guess which one it was.
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This is the review the upset client left on the restaurant’s Facebook page

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And this is the shirt that got the restaurant the negative review

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Image credits: bryantinak
Image credits: bryantinak

The restaurant owners responded by adding a bunch of these shirts to their baskets

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People on the internet couldn’t help but to get in on it

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Others were more serious about trolling the guy

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And this is what people had to say about this whole incident

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