How New Zealand is winning the war on COVID-19 (12 Pics )

On Feb 28 2020, New Zealand has its first case of COVID-19.
As case numbers begin to rise and restrictions on travel start to take place, on March 17th, the government announces a $12 billion NZD wage subsidy and support package to keep Kiwis in their jobs, and businesses running. Any employee, contractor or business owner that had a 30% lose in revenue in any given month will be entitled to $585 a week for 12 weeks, paid in a lump sum. Support is also given to those that must self isolate, as well as a cash injection into the health care system. We have 11 cases at this point.
Less than a month after the first confirmed case, on March 19th NZ closes its borders to all non-citizens/residents. At this point, we have 28 cases of COVID-19. NZ citizens that are returning must go into 14 day managed isolation or quarantine.

Case numbers have been rising steadily - we are now at 52. On March 21st, PM Jacinda Ardern announces an alert level system to combat COVID-19.

The alert system has 4 levels, depending on the current spread of the virus. Alert level 1: Prepare. Alert level 2: Reduce: Alert level 3: Restrict. Alert level 4: Lockdown.

On March 23rd, the PM announces NZ will go to Alert Level 3 immediately, and then Alert Level 4 in 48 hours. This is due to the fact that we have community transmission of the virus that cannot be traced.Level 4 is complete lockdown - everyone stays at home except essential workers (medical/health workers, supermarket workers, and essential utility workers). We have 102 cases.

At 11.59pm on Wednesday March 25th, NZ goes into a 4 week total lockdown. All non-essential businesses are shut, and 90% of Kiwis are now at home. We are allowed outside for exercise in our local area, to go to the supermarket for food and essentials, and to go to pharmacies for medical supplies. All non-essential travel is banned, and check points are set up by police. Photo credit:
During the lockdown, case numbers rise steadily every day. PM Jacinda Ardern and Director-General of Health Dr. Ashley Bloomfield keep the public informed with daily 1pm press conferences. On April 9th, we see our first significant drop on case numbers as 29 new cases are reported (down from a peak of 89 a few days before). Total cases are now 1311, and 4 deaths.

On Tuesday April 28, NZ moves into Alert level 3 for 2 weeks. New cases per day are in the single digits. Restrictions are eased slightly, more businesses can open if they can do so in a contactless way, but the idea is still the same: stay at home if you can.

At midnight on May 13th, NZ moves to Alert level 2. We have had 0 new cases 3 days running. The curve has well and truly been flattened, with no known community transmission occurring. We have 21 deaths total, 1497 total cases, and 95% of those have recovered,
On May 14th, finance minister Grant Robertson announces a $50 billion NZD budget and support package to keep people in their jobs, keep businesses running, and get the economy back on track.
The events that took place in NZ are the perfect example of fast, decisive leadership. NZ now finds itself in a situation most other countries do not - a chance to start rebuilding the economy as quickly as possible. Other countries can learn from this as the best case scenario for COVID response. The war is not over yet. And we haven't beaten the virus yet. But we're well on our way to doing it. Very proud of my country, and just thought it was worth sharing. Sorry if I got any of this information wrong. It is a very broad overview and has been simplified to keep it short. But it should paint the picture well enough :)

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