These 50 Photos From Our Photo Contest Reveal What Climate Change Looks Like

On the occasion of the global celebration of Earth Day on Wednesday, 22nd April, photography app Agora reveals the 50 finalists from its latest photo contest, #ClimateChange2020 to shed light on the damages of the climate emergency on our planet that causes devastating disruptions for the fauna, flora, ecosystems, and humans.
Agora's #ClimateChange2020 photo competition gathered 9,789 submissions from photographers around the world, inviting to a reflection on the impact of our way of life on the environment, on other species but also on the most vulnerable communities, victims of the rising disparities that the consumerist economy has accentuated.
Photographers from all over the world have taken to photojournalism to demonstrate the effects of climate change, whether that be melting sea ice, rising sea levels, water contamination, or deforestation. Their photos have contributed to raising awareness of the task at hand, and inspire Humanity to take action.
The competition took place on Agora's free-to-use app. There, photographers, whether amateur or professional, can participate for free to international photo contests and submit their best shots for a chance to win recognition and cash prizes (from $1,000 to $25,000), and where the global audience can vote for the best creations of Humanity.
"Each #ClimateChange2020 finalist picture is a cry of pain from Mother Nature. The photographers' points of view remind us that each one of us is responsible for what happens on planet Earth, our forever home," said Octavi Royo, Agora's Co-founder and CEO.
About #ClimateChange2020. The contest launched on Friday, 27th March, on Agora. Now that the 50 finalist photos are revealed, it's in the Agora users' hands to vote for their favorite snapshot and decide who should win the contest and become Agora's newest Hero. The winner will be announced on Wednesday, 29th April, and will win $500 + $500 donation to a climate change charity of his/her choice. The results will be revealed through the app but also via the photography app's Instagram page. Which photo should win the competition? Cast your votes now!


Namib Desert

Namib Desert
Location: Namib Desert, Namibia
"In order to take this photo, I had to climb a dune of 150 meters high! I wanted to
show the end of the cycle of life in a desertified area. Only the beautiful colors of
 the surroundings make this photo a little bit less sad."
@marcotagliarino (Italy)


Historic Floods

Historic Floods
Location: Nam Phuong Tien, Hanoi, Vietnam
"A road flooded in Nam Phuong Tien, a commune near Hanoi, Vietnam.
The photo was taken in the middle of the historic flood in 2018, which isolated
 this commune for more than three weeks. You can see that people are
swimming: although in a difficult opportunity, they've still found a way to have a bit
 of fun."
@trantuanviet (Vietnam)



Location: Kon Tum, Vietnam (Vietnam)


Effect Of Climate Change In Bangladesh

Effect Of Climate Change In Bangladesh
Location: Chittagong, Bangladesh
"Bangladesh is one of the most vulnerable continental countries to climate
change. The consequences of this global crisis are disastrous for the country:
 tropical cyclones, river erosion, floods, landslides, and severe droughts.
 Having a clear picture of future risks is essential to spur action on a scale that
 matches the problem. Bangladesh already has a hot climate, with summer
 temperatures that can hit 45°C. Heat waves will break new records in a
4°C hotter world, with 7 out of 10 summers being abnormally hot. Northern
Bangladesh will shift to a new climatic regime, with temperatures above any
levels seen during the past 100 years."
@kazijewel (Bangladesh)


Help Me, I'm Trapped

Help Me, I'm Trapped
Location: Wonosobo, Central Java, Indonesia
"I was walking by the river when I saw a fish pond full of plastic debris, where a
 little fish had been trapped inside a plastic bag. I took a few shots with my
 underwater camera before releasing the fish in the river. The chemical
 structure of most plastics renders them resistant to many natural processes of
degradation, and as a result, they are slow to degrade."
@yogayogreat (Indonesia)



Location: Hoa Binh Village, Quang Ngai, Vietnam
"When looking at the picture, anyone will immediately recognize that it is the
 image of a working person. But the difference is that he's working not only to
 make a living but also to protect the environment by reusing waste and
creating useful products. I was deeply moved when I saw the sweat rolling down
his cheeks, to me, he looked like a hero fighting against climate change. This job
 may be considered trivial, but is very noble in Vietnam."
@trungbui (Vietnam)


The First Rains Of The Year

The First Rains Of The Year
Location: Dili, East Timor
"We can see the muddy river on the left side of the photo, and the ocean on the
right side. Though the division line is still clear, some river sediments started
already to mix with the ocean water. The first rains of the year have recently
 joined the Comoro River taking with them all sorts of trash, dirt, and debris.
The trash coming with the river is an enemy to the corals and other marine
 life forms that live on the Timorese coast. Though Timor-Leste's waters are still
part of the Coral Triangle, Timor is still an (almost) tourist-free country.
This won't last long if people realize that Timorese waters have the most
biodiverse waters anywhere in the world (surpassing the previous record of
Papua New Guinea)."
@joao.galamba (Portugal)


Polar Bear In An Iceless Land

Polar Bear In An Iceless Land
Location: Svalbard, Norway
"The spot where the polar bear is sleeping used to be a glacier. The ice has
 now disappeared completely, leaving the rocks uncovered."
@uglefisk (Norway)


Arid Land

Arid Land
Location: Bao Loc, Lam Dong Province, Vietnam
"The monk was praying for the rain to come and revitalize this arid land."
@tuan1368 (Vietnam)


Climbing Disappearing Glaciers In Iceland - Shot From The Mountains Pouring The Glacier

Climbing Disappearing Glaciers In Iceland - Shot From The Mountains Pouring The Glacier
Location: Iceland
@vasadivisuals (UK)


Cloudy Day?

Cloudy Day?
Location: Hong Kong
@jackyy_wch (Hong Kong)


A Crowd Of Demonstrators Protesting The Government’s Inaction With Regard To Climate Change

A Crowd Of Demonstrators Protesting The Government’s Inaction With Regard To Climate Change
Location: Denver, United States
@josephrrouse (USA)


Bau Ca Cai Mangroves

Bau Ca Cai Mangroves
Location: Quang Ngai province, Vietnam
"Impoverished coastal communities in Vietnam are impacted by frequent flooding
 and storms. Through the Green Climate Fund and United Nations
Development Program in Quang Ngai, more than 4,000 hectares of mangroves
 will be planted and rehabilitated, creating sustainable ecosystem resources to
support coastal livelihoods."
@alexcao (Vietnam)


Endangered Glacier

Endangered Glacier
Location: Mont-Blanc glacier, France
"Because of global warming, the Mont-Blanc glacier is melting more and more,
 losing several meters of thickness every year."
@syode (France)


Ice And Fire

Ice And Fire
Location: Jökulsárlón, Iceland.
"The main subject is a huge iceberg that has broken off from the surrounding
Breiðamerkurjökull Glacier, part of larger Vatnajökull Glacier. Next to the Iceberg,
 you can spot a couple of Kyaks for scale. I wanted to show the size of the
 Icebergs that break off every day due to climate change."
@globetrottingtimo (Germany)


Looking For The Right Way

Looking For The Right Way
Location: Viareggio Carnival Festival, Italy
"The photo shows one of the huge allegorical floats made of papier-mache,
which competed this year during the carnival in Viareggio. Actually my favorite
one! That's also the one who finally won the contest, ranking first in the main
category. I was there with some friends and we sneaked into an apartment
 building, up to the second floor, from which we were able to attend the parade.
None of us knew the hosts, but they were really hospitable. It was really
impressive to see such big animated papier mache carnival carts! Some of
 them were even higher than the balcony in which we stood. Along the way,
a crowd of thousands of masked people attended the parade. I like this picture
cause it encloses the allegory of the crowd who helplessly witnesses the Earth
heading towards the point of no return. Fortunately, few little heroes like
Greta Thunberg, our Dorothy, are following the brain, the courage and the
 heart, just like new scarecrows, lions and tin men, on this journey towards a
new awareness."
@superiaia (Italy)


Save The World

Save The World
Location: Bangladesh
@rozelkazi (Bangladesh)


Summer Storms Are The New Normal These Days Due To Climate Change

Summer Storms Are The New Normal These Days Due To Climate Change
Location: Sacramento, California, USA
"I was extremely lucky to be at the right time in the right place when this
 supercell storm suddenly formed. The rotation of the storm and the way it
was lit at sunset was breathtaking. Luckily, the storm did not touch down, and
no one got hurt. Over the past few years, California has experienced
severe droughts, intense wildfires, and storms, all due to climate change. It was
 a challenge for me to photograph it using the long exposure while holding down
 the tripod due to high wind, but it was all worth the effort to capture a rare
 moment. Mother nature is always unpredictable."
@bachir01 (USA)


Black Smoke

Black Smoke
Location: Narayanganj, Bangladesh
"Brick kilns are polluting the environment, pouring harmful black smoke into
Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. The authorities are unable to efficiently
prevent the kilns from emitting black smoke and violating other
environmental rules. Despite the existing environmental laws, many of the
11,100 brick plants across the country are still operating with unconventional
 methods. In 2019, Dhaka was ranked the worst in the world by the Air Quality
Index (AQI)."
@momin21a (Bangladesh)



Location: H. Yên Dũng, Vietnam
"The drought caused many forest fires: thousands of hectares just burnt down."
@tuantvt (Vietnam)


Plastic Bag On A Coral Colony

Plastic Bag On A Coral Colony
Location: Maldives
"The Maldives are renowned for the pristine marine environment and
abundance of wildlife, but also for its vulnerability to plastic pollution, coral
 bleaching and climate change."
@ashwaag2233 (Maldives)


One Of The Trees Was Meant To This Earth

One Of The Trees Was Meant To This Earth
Location: Praya, Indonesia
@adingkuswara (Indonesia)


Brick Kilns

Brick Kilns
Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh
"Here's the breathtaking scale of Bangladesh's brick-making industry, which
represents one million workers who, every year, churn out ten billions of bricks
in the 7,000 kilns of Dhaka. Brick kilns are the top air polluter in our country,
particularly during the dry season when most bricks are made, turning the air
quality of this metropolis “severely unhealthy”."
@azimronnie (Bangladesh)


Briksdal Glacier

Briksdal Glacier
Location: Briksdalbreen, Norway
"My brother-in-law had to go through the cold water to get on the rock he's
standing on. I went back there during the summer, one year after taking this
 picture. I couldn't believe how melted the glacier was."
@zwemarntun (Norway)



Location: Ishigaki Island, Japan
"I was lucky to catch this one-flipper green turtle enjoying its jellyfish breakfast.
Green turtles used to be hunted for ornaments, they are now are listed as a
threatened species. The plastic trash and fishing nets are a threat to their survival,
 as they frequently get caught in it."
@reiko.t (Japan)


Save The Planet, We've Created Our Own Disaster

Save The Planet, We've Created Our Own Disaster
Location: Bojonegoro, Indonesia
"Every day, this dump worker has to climb mountains of waste to collect plastic
from among domestic waste. On a good day, she can collect up to 50kg
of plastic which she'll sell for $3. Indonesia is home to some of the world's largest
@eriyulianto (Indonesia)


Stair Of Drying River

Stair Of Drying River
Location: Kushtia Haripur Bridge, Bangladesh
"Climate change is causing many disasters around the world. Millions of
people are living on the banks of the Gorai river, which is becoming drier
and drier by year, threatening to eliminate all wildlife."
@photosajid (Bangladesh)


2 Farmer-Ladies Grapple With The Effect Of Drought On Their Farmlands

2 Farmer-Ladies Grapple With The Effect Of Drought On Their Farmlands
Location: Cambodia
"Climate change has resulted in more severe and volatile weather globally.
This has led to more intense droughts, which in turn affects countries
dependent on agriculture. This photo is meant to convey farmers' sense of
 helplessness and mutual solidarity when droughts hit their farmlands.
Through this photo, I hope there can be more political commitment by more
governments to slow climate change."
@teochinleong78 (Singapore)


Dust Caused By Desertification

Dust Caused By Desertification
Location: Kermanshah, Iran
@fatemebiglary (Iran)


Water Scarcity

Water Scarcity
Location: Paranaque, Philippines
"Because of climate change, this poor urban area has experienced serious
 water scarcity and severe droughts in the past few years. Innocent children are
 more vulnerable in these extreme conditions."
@renebernal (Philippines)


Wind Turbines

Wind Turbines
Location: Erkelenz, Germany
"Wind turbines convert the energy of the wind into electrical energy. They are a
way to tackle climate change. This topic is very important to me and I would
like to draw attention to it with my photo. Like so many people, I am worried
about our climate and it scares me what will happen if we continue to deal
with our earth. I sincerely hope that systems such as wind turbines will continue to
 spread and expand."
@a.rosenthal (Germany)


Low Tide In Bretagne

Low Tide In Bretagne
Location: Côtes-d'Armor, France
@kkoresh (Russia)


Sun Power

Sun Power
Location: Hof, Bavaria, Germany
"I had to climb on top of straw bales to take this shot! I really liked the
 mood: the solar system blends harmoniously into the landscape, and the
 sunrise light reflection made this moment very special."
@wunderbuilder (Germany)



Location: Jönköping, Sweden
"This paper plant was once located on the outskirts of Jönköping. Now that
the city has expanded, the factory is located in the middle of it, polluting the
air and affecting the global climate. The citizens' efforts to get the plant moved
have been unsuccessful so far. I took this sunset photo on a semi-cloudy
 evening. I wanted to create a dystopic mood with the threat of climate change."
@murvel48 (Sweden)


Stop Polluting Our Air

Stop Polluting Our Air
Location: Rajshahi, Bangladesh
"As an enthusiastic wildlife photographer, I've been observing these rare birds
 (the Glossy Ibises) since 2016. They used to visit the swamps of Rajshahi
every year, from December to March. They came to Bangladesh to spend the
winter and eat the snails and plants submerged under the freezing water.
 From 2016 to 2019, a dozen brick farms have been constructed around
the swamps. They've burnt down the vegetation to make more space for
 the brick farms. Eventually, pollution started to damage the air, the water, and
the soil, but also the sound levels of the area that was usually so quiet. I decided
to focus on photographing these rare birds to grow awareness and protect the
wildlife in the swamps. A week after I took this picture, the glossy Ibises had
disappeared. They didn't come back this year. I hope that one day these birds
will return. This particular picture holds a special place in my heart. It shows
 that not all animals can cope with pollution: if the climate changes, they will go
@creative_kayes (Bangladesh)


We Have Created A False Illusion Of Separation From Nature

We Have Created A False Illusion Of Separation From Nature
Location: Barcelona, Spain
"We, humans, have created the false illusion that we do not depend on nature,
 that we can exploit its resources in an unlimited way and that we can live and
survive by turning our backs on it and exploiting it indiscriminately. The current
situation we are experiencing is an example that there is no force greater than
 nature and that we must respect all living beings on the planet and coexist in a
respectful manner with them."
@fernandoflorit (Spain)


Impact Of The Dry Season

Impact Of The Dry Season
Location: Karanganyar, Indonesia
"When the weather gets very hot and dry, the large garbage disposal areas
 burn due to the methane gas stocked underneath."
@cymot (Indonesia)


Is This Our Future?

Is This Our Future?
Location: USA
"Is this our future? As the Earth continues to heat up, this could be a common
@leemumford8 (UK)


Mighty Irrawaddy River

Mighty Irrawaddy River
Location: Irrawaddy River, Myanmar
"During winter, the fisherman throws his fishing nets in the shallow waters
 surrounding the sandbanks of the mighty Irrawaddy River."
@minzaw (Myanmar)


The Land Of Fire And Ice

The Land Of Fire And Ice
Location: Iceland
"It's not often you see get to capture two polarising worlds and extremes come
 together in a single moment, but if we don't act now, there'll only be fire –
 leaving views like this to be a thing of the past."
@joncleave (UK)


Waste Boat Garbage

Waste Boat Garbage
Location: Old Dhaka, Bangladesh
"These ships are waiting to get repaired before heading back to the river.
 In the mid-90s, this area got heavily industrialized because of waste
management and raw material factories. The river became drier and drier, with
high levels of contamination. Day by day, the available drinking water levels in
 Bangladesh are decreasing."
@sultan_ahmed007 (Bangladesh)


A Big Change In Nature

A Big Change In Nature
Location: Gujrat, Pakistan
"I was brought up here. My house was surrounded by huge, beautiful fields
where I spent my childhood observing the flourishing fauna and flora.
 A few years ago, they dug the ground and took all the trees down to build a
brick factory. The scent of fresh nature has now disappeared; all I can smell is the
 burning bricks and black smoke. Since then, the land was declared unfit for
cultivation. The beauty has been turned into ugliness. It seems like I've
lost my childhood and its beautiful memories."
@asimijaz (Pakistan)



Location: Badalona, Spain
"I think is impressive how this abandoned factory can catch your attention rising
up in the skyline of Barcelona."
@leowillgo (Venezuela)


Climate Change In Svalbard

Climate Change In Svalbard
Location: Svalbard, Norway
@thibaultdullin (Norway)



Location: San Bernardino, Switzerland
"We stopped on the side of the road because our car broke down. In order to
kill time before the tow truck arrives, I flew my drone around the lake for
10 minutes and captured this scene, which made me think of Earth's melting poles
@pherrography (Italy)


The Melting Jökulsárlón Glacier

The Melting Jökulsárlón Glacier
Location: Jökulsárlón, Iceland
"This aerial perspective captures the colossal floating bergs of Europe's largest
glacier, Vatnajökull, that constantly break off and drift into the North Atlantic
as a result of the ever-warming climate. Never would you imagine such a
 contrasting scene would belong in amongst such a landscape, and yet, here it
was! Miles and miles of glistening white walls of ice stretching back as far as the eye can see. It wasn't until I
decided to take to the skies, sending my drone up to escape the rushing
crowds of tourists all around us, that I really appreciated the full scale
and weight of what I was actually witnessing. This was not just some other
 tourist attraction to view through the screen of your phone and take for
 granted. This was climate change, in its purest and rawest form.
For our entire lives, we have been warned of melting ice caps, rising sea levels,
 and warming climates yet how many of us have ever actually experienced this
with their own eyes. The higher I flew, the more this sunk in as the icebergs
 slowly disappeared from view, engulfed by the growing expanse of meltwater
 that now takes the place of the retreating glacier. At 250 meters, it is
 Iceland's deepest lake. The icebergs in Jökulsárlón are composed of ice that is
over 1,000 years old. The lagoon has increased fourfold in size since the early
@michaelfoote (UK)


King River

King River
Location: King River, Western Australia
"Combating desertification and drylands development is one of the biggest
challenges we have to face in the climate change crisis."

@simonpastor (France)


Land Of Death

Land Of Death
Location: Rajshahi, Bangladesh
"This Black Kite sitting on a cow skull is a symbol of the climate change crisis in
 Bangladesh. With the increasing desertification in the northern regions, the
 rivers and other water sources have completely dried up. Hundreds of animals
 die due to the lack of water and end up being eaten by vultures."
@sagorphotos (Bangladesh)


Condensation Trails

Condensation Trails
Location: Prospect Park, Brooklyn, New York, USA
"Lately, you don't see so many planes in the sky anymore. The coronavirus
crisis has changed the world and it seems like nature is getting a well-deserved
 break. However, a crisis of this amplitude won't make the climate change
 disappear. We need to be aware of Earth as a whole and look outside our comfort
@pollyscholl (Germany)


Solar Power

Solar Power
Location: Tp. Pleiku, Vietnam
@hoacarol (Vietnam)
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