Day in the life of an essential NYC scientist(22 Pics)

Hey everyone I decided to make a post about my life working on research for COVID-19. Here are my cats again Hall and Oats

Here is a nice set up that some of the kids in my building made.
Nice scenery outside. Sadly most people out now are homeless or essential workers.

Here is the 3 train I take to Penn Station. Usually there are a few more people on the train.

Penn Station is a ghost town. At 745 now this place would usually be packed.
Crazy how empty it is.

More people on the street
Lovely shot of the empire state building

Barely any traffic.
They closed off near the driver to protect them from the passengers. Cops usually aren't on the bus
These are the buildings I work in. They are closed off from the street and you need a badge to get by security.
Inside of my lab. This is a new lab I work in and I work now in Manhattan. We were just getting going when the world ended.

Nice view of the east river from my window
Making compensation beads for the flow cytometry project I am working on.

Here is the flow cytometer I use. Very cool instrument.
On a somber note this is where they are storing the bodies of those that died from COVID-19. Very sad and reminds me to work harder.

More empire state building and the national guard is there to make sure no one does anything funny with the bodies.
Crazy how empty the city is.

Everyone wears masks now. They just updated protocol to have masks on anytime you are outside.
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