Media Begins To Float Hillary as Democrat Savior as Bernie Falters and Biden Fumbles

New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin is the latest to speculate that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton could be the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee again this year.
Goodwin argues in an Op-Ed published over the weekend that Democrats are left with essentially two bad choices in former Vice President Joe Biden and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, which creates the “prospect of a Hillary Clinton comeback.”
Democratic leaders do not want Sanders, he contends, because of the fear the self-described socialist will be an “Electoral College disaster.”
Meanwhile, Biden’s mental capacity is being called into question on a regular basis due to his many gaffes.
Joe Biden can’t even remember Barack Obama’s name...

No wonder he won’t endorse him!
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“Put it this way: Which Joe Biden will we see from now on? Does the new, improved version have the stamina and mental health to go all the way? Or will the long summer and the attacks from Trump on him and his family break him?” Goodwin writes.
The columnist believes it is noteworthy that the candidate’s wife, Jill Biden, seems to be at his side far more often, almost in a “nurse or mediator” capacity between him and the public.
“Questions about whether he is capable of being president can’t be avoided,” Goodwin writes. “That should force the party to quietly consider others who could be called upon at the July convention to take the nomination if Biden reverts.”
Goodwin adds that Clinton continues to put herself out there to the public with numerous media appearances in support of the release of the docu-series “Hillary,” which premiered Friday on Hulu.
During an interview with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria over the weekend, Clinton said she did not consider Sanders to be the Democrats’ “strongest nominee against Donald Trump.”
Zakaria then asked whether she would be endorsing Biden, but she declined to do so.
“What Joe’s victories on Super Tuesday showed is that he is building the kind of coalition that I had basically,” Clinton did say.
There was consistent speculation leading into the 2020 primary election season whether Clinton would throw her hat into the ring.
In late January, Clinton admitted she has the urge to run against Trump and thinks she would win.
It is not clear whether Biden or Sanders will garner the needed 1,991 pledged delegates to secure the nomination during the primary elections, meaning a contested convention could follow.
Then, perhaps Clinton could reemerge as the Democratic standard-bearer in a rematch against Trump.
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