Joe Biden Gets Secret Service Protection

Leading Democratic Party presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden is now being protected by the Secret Service, the agency confirmed Tuesday.  
Concerns for Biden’s safety rose after radical anti-dairy protesters stormed the stage and were fought off by Biden’s wife, sister, a senior campaign aide and a lone private security guard while Biden made a Super Tuesday victory speech in Los Angeles. Former vice presidents’ Secret Service protection ends within months after leaving office, which for Biden was in 2017.
“The U.S. Secret Service can confirm that we have initiated full protective coverage for Democratic Presidential Candidate and former Vice President Joseph Biden.” – @SecretService tells @JackDate” 
CNN reported Biden’s code name is “Celtic”.
“Biden’s Secret Service code name will be “Celtic,” according to two sources familiar with matter, which was his code name as vice president.”
Fox News reported Biden’s top rival for the Democrat nomination Sen. Bernie sanders (VT) has not received Secret Service protection.
Reporter Yashar Ali was the first to report on Biden’s status. 
Video from March 3:
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