Report: Trump To Reject Ugly Architecture, Return Federal Buildings to Former Glory

If you live near any sort of metropolis, chances are you’ve seen some ugly architecture.
As federal buildings are constructed, they sometimes fall prey to fads in the design world. The result is often hideous structures that the taxpayers are forced to fund.
Now, a report says President Donald Trump is drafting an executive order that seeks to destroy the legacy of ugly buildings and return American architecture to its former glory.
According to the Architectural Record, an architecture news site, the Trump administration is planning to do away with hideous designs in future federal buildings.
A preliminary draft of the order, titled “Making Federal Buildings Beautiful Again,” reportedly seeks to amend federal guidelines when it comes to construction of new federal buildings.
Instead of brutalism and other postmodern headaches, the order calls for a return to “classical architectural” that the Founding Fathers themselves preferred, the Architectural Record reported.
Several federal buildings were reportedly named in the draft order as examples of nausea-inducing designs.
Two of those listed, the U.S. Courthouse in Austin, Texas, and the U.S. Federal Building in San Francisco, have to be seen to be believed.
Take a look at the two buildings below:
The memo apparently gives these 2 specific examples of the architecture it's meant to stop.

The Courthouse in Austin TX & the Fed Building in San Francisco;
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Thankfully, Trump’s order could reportedly do away with designs like this.
A blanket design mandate doesn’t appear to be the administration’s goal, as allowances are reportedly made in special circumstances.
Florida, for instance, could also see federal structures built in the Spanish colonial style, a reference to the Sunshine State’s origins as an imperial Spanish foothold in North America.

Unique places like New Orleans, Louisiana; Savannah, Georgia; and San Diego, California, would surely benefit from this sort of exception.
In the rest of the country, the order would serve to provide the American people with what they deserve — functioning and beautiful buildings that are not a progressive architect’s experiment.
This appears to be an extension of Trump’s famous “Make America Great Again” 2016 campaign motto.
The return to classical architecture may not seem too important, but it could unite Americans in at least one common point of culture.

As Trump said Tuesday in his State of the Union address: “The best is yet to come.”
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