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Antifa Punks Deface Oregon War Memorial in Violent Protest

The city of Portland, Oregon, has been taken over by the scum of the Earth and the mayor and city police have allowed it to happen. The ...

The city of Portland, Oregon, has been taken over by the scum of the Earth and the mayor and city police have allowed it to happen.
The masked group of thugs who call themselves “antifa,” which is supposedly short for “anti-fascist” though their actions are as fascist as they come, was at it again on Saturday in another violent protest in the city.
Three demonstrators were arrested in the fracas, but judging by the videos shared on social media, a lot more arrests should have been made. More suspects are being sought in the defacing of a war memorial where graffiti with obscenities and reading “Punch Cops,” “All Cops are Bastards” and “Kill Cops” was spray painted. (See a video clip of the desecration here, but warning, there’s strong language.)
Apparently, the antifa protesters went to the city’s Lownsdale Square park to counter a march by the Ku Klux Klan that never happened, Oregon Live reported.

But as inevitably happens anytime these masked, wannabe tough guys get together for a protest, it devolved into violence.“While the rally was being held and was peaceful, Portland Police officers stayed away,” Portland police in a statement, according to Fox News. “However, some people in the group began acting in a violent, threatening manner against attendees who were legally capturing photos and videos.”
According to Fox, police said the thugs used metal-tipped umbrellas to assault innocent people and appeared to also use other objects and sprays.
It's about time for to be dealt with. How have we allowed these little dirtbags the liberty of walking around freely in ski masks while carrying weapons and attacking innocent civilians. Would you consider#ANTIFA a Domestic Terrorist Organization??
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In another video a group of protesters is seen pushing a woman into the path of an oncoming car which, thankfully, stopped before striking her.
Former Major League Baseball pitcher Curt Schilling noted that the media was in a frenzy when thousands of armed protesters marched in Virginia to preserve their rights but are silent when antifa plans marches.
Yet the Virginia march was entirely peaceful, despite the melodramatic state of emergency declaration by its governor, Ralph Northam, known for his blackface yearbook scandal, whereas antifa rallies are almost always violent.
“Just like the damn 2A protestors in Virginia right? Thousands were shot and injured when 15K+ law abiding gun owners converged to protest right? Wait until this crowd here meets that crowd there….,” Schilling said.
For their part, Portland Police gave a stern warning in a strongly worded statement following the melee.
Just kidding, the department made its usual toothless statement that will only fuel more of these attacks in the future, with the tacit approval of Mayor Ted Wheeler.
“I want to acknowledge the community members who came down to peacefully assemble and exercise their freedom of speech rights,” Police Chief Jami Resch said, according to Fox. “Unfortunately, a group of people chose to engage in dangerous, illegal behavior. I appreciate the thoughtful, measured response by our officers and law enforcement partners.”

That oughta teach them.

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