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Newbie GOP Rep. Jeff Van Drew RIPS Democrat Party: It’s “Moving Further and Further to the Left, Discussions of It Being a Socialist Party” (VIDEO)

Republican lawmaker  Jeff Van Drew  joined  Maria Bartiromo  on  Sunday Morning Futures  in his first interview since switching parties ...

Republican lawmaker Jeff Van Drew joined Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures in his first interview since switching parties during the House slapdash impeachment vote. 
Jeff Van Drew told Maria Bartiromo that the Democrat Party continues to move further and further to the left and is morphing into a Socialist Party.
Rep. Jeff Van Drew: Well the final point and the final sign, there has been all along where the party is moving further and further to the left, where there’s discussions of it being a Socialist party. And I am a proud capitalist. I believe in hard work. I believe that we can give people opportunity but that they also when they get that opportunity they have to work hard to get success.
Van Drew then went on to say the Democrat Party threatened him for wavering on the slapdash impeachment.
So he turned his back on Pelosi and left the party!
Bravo, Representative Van Drew! Bravo!

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