Trump Calling Democrats' Bluff, Will Reportedly Slap Pelosi with Ultimatum

President Donald Trump says he plans to send a formal letter to Nancy Pelosi issuing an ultimatum on impeachment, NPR reported Friday. The letter will reportedly call the Democrats’ bluff, hinting the president would not assist with their impeachment crusade unless they meet his one condition.
If lawmakers want an impeachment investigation, they should vote on it.
According to Axios, Trump plans to insist that the entire House vote on the impeachment inquiry or he will not comply with any of Congress’ demands.
This demand would force Democrats to go on the record either for or against the inquiry — a dangerous and difficult choice for anyone on the left as the party struggles to decide what the impeachment inquiry should cover.
Although an impeachment investigation does not need a vote to be conducted, the flimsy grounds on which it was started and the seemingly partisan manner in which it’s being continued is problematic. 
Trump says he isn’t alone in thinking the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry process is wrong, NPR reported.
“The lawyers say they’ve never seen anything so unfair,” he said. “The lawyers say they’ve never seen anything so unjust.”
With this demand, Democrats can’t afford to be lukewarm about impeachment any longer. Either they go on the record as wanting this to continue based on the shaky evidence, or they give it up.
The move would also put Republicans in favor of an investigation on the spot, forcing them to make a choice.
The whistleblower report on which most of the impeachment talks have been based has been increasingly exposed as a partisan attack on the rightfully-elected president.
Recent revelations that the person who filed the complaint coordinated with anti-Trump Rep. Adam Schiff pose a damning problem for the integrity of the inquiry as a whole.
The impeachment obsession has possessed Washington, D.C., making out nation’s leaders even more ineffective than they usually are. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, however.
Democrats have been angling for damning dirt on Trump since before he was elected. Now that he’s in the White House, they have seemingly made it their mission to give him the boot before the 2020 election.
But a vote could very well put these men and women at odds with some in their own party urging caution and restraint with the impeachment process, possibly sending the Ukraine scandal to an early grave thanks to infighting.
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