Meghan McCain Silences Liberal Laughter on 'The View': Trey Gowdy Is 'Good News for Trump, Bad News for Democrats'

Hosts of a show called “The View” shouldn’t be so blind.
The liberal coven that makes up the ABC daytime show on culture and politics gave itself a good cackle Wednesday at the idea that former Rep. Trey Gowdy is joining President Donald Trump’s legal team at the White House.
But the show’s lone conservative voice managed to shut down the liberal laughter with cold reality.
“He’s a brilliant orator, he’s someone I’ve respected for years,” Meghan McCain told her co-hosts. “You can laugh all you want, but the fact that he’s joining Trump’s team is good news for Trump and it’s bad news for Democrats.”
That should have shut them up. Since it was “The View,” they didn’t keep quiet, but they did stop laughing.
McCain’s thrust came about halfway through a conversation kicked off by “The View” den mother Whoopi Goldberg, who tried to contrast the Trump administration’s battles with Congress now with Gowdy’s role as a GOP congressman from South Carolina investigating the 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya.
Naturally, most of Goldberg’s co-hosts and the audience agreed with her, applauding robotically on cue when liberal points were made.
But McCain took a different view.
What Democrats led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff are doing with Trump’s Ukraine “scandal” is literally nothing like what Republicans did while investigating the Obama administration’s response to Benghazi.
In Trump’s case, as McCain noted, the White House released a transcript of the phone call between Trump and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky that sparked a “whistleblower” complaint. It’s Democrats who are calling behind-closed-door meetings to interview witnesses, then refusing to release the results of those interviews.
“I think I’m confused why everyone’s laughing, because my take on it is that they’ve been having closed hearings,” she said. “And don’t we want as [much] transparency as possible? And you can laugh all you want about Trey Gowdy, but he’s one of the great congressmen.”
Her panelists on “The View” were against her. The show’s Pavlovian audience was against her. And many, many benighted social media users were against her.
But McCain had plenty of support too. 
For once, this one and only time, i agree with Meghan McCain. Trey Gowdy is great news for President Trump and a nightmare for the democrats. They just don’t realize it yet. But they will.
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As just about anyone who even casually follows politics knows, McCain — daughter of the late Arizona Sen. John McCain — is not a popular figure among the president’s supporters.
Her father’s combative relationship with the Trump White House, combined with her own open dislike for the president, does not endear her to Trump fans.
And that should make it all the more clear to liberals that they should take her warning seriously when she says Gowdy’s presence on Trump’s legal team, which was confirmed in a White House statement late Wednesday, is going to help Trump.

But “The View” hosts would rather laugh. And that just proves how blind they really are.
Meghan McCain Silences Liberal Laughter on 'The View': Trey Gowdy Is 'Good News for Trump, Bad News for Democrats' Meghan McCain Silences Liberal Laughter on 'The View': Trey Gowdy Is 'Good News for Trump, Bad News for Democrats' Reviewed by STATION GOSSIP on 06:48 Rating: 5

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