Then, in March, Coke announced its funding for another “zero waste” initiative in her own country — in the city of Budva. According to an announcement on Coca-Cola’s Serbian website, the company is funding a Montenegrin nonprofit — whose name translates to “NGO Eco Center from Budva” — “with the aim of becoming the first coastal Adriatic city without waste.” The funding is being used to create an “interactive center” where visitors can learn about ecology and to fund a “Capture the Clean Wave” program that will “contribute to the collection of packaging waste at more than 40 beaches in the Budva Riviera.”
The money is also being used to fund door-to-door education about recycling and for bins to capture PET plastic bottles, according to Zero Waste Montenegro, which found the Coke-funded efforts woefully inadequate.
“Even if it would capture all the PET bottles put on the market in Budva,” the organization wrote on its website, “it is only one small part of the waste being produced in Budva every year. It wouldn’t make Budva a Zero Waste City.”