Band Flashes Massive 'Who Killed Epstein' Graphic at Sold Out Show

A band playing a sold-out show in California flashed a “who killed Epstein” graphic as part of a light show, causing some fans to speculate the musicians were simply “trolling” their audience.
Massive Attack, a British musical group, displayed the message at San Diego’s Cal Coast Credit Union Amphitheater on Sept. 1.
Along with the question about the mysterious death of disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein were references to J. Edgar Hoover, the CIA and Goldman Sachs.
Other messages seemed to focus more on territory that edged even closer to conspiracy — like a graphic alluding to QAnon.
Videos of their performance quickly made their way to YouTube and Twitter.
The show, which was sold out according to a local radio station, was seen live by thousands of people. Videos that spread over the internet after the concert likely exposed it to tens of thousands more.
The motive behind the band’s messages remains a mystery, but its question, whether intentional or satirical, is one many people still wonder about.
Epstein’s early August death was determined to be a suicide by the New York medical examiner’s office, but many people didn’t buy that line.
The convicted pedophile brushed shoulders with many of the world’s elites, including former President Bill Clinton and some of the British royal family.
His arrest sent shockwaves as it threatened to bring down hundreds of people associated with Epstein.
Many people think that this is motive enough for his alleged murder and subsequent cover-up.
Some evidence seems to support a case that Epstein didn’t die by suicide.
A bone found broken in the pedophile’s neck was flagged as being much more common in murders than in suicides. The injuries found indicate a homicide by strangulation instead of Epstein’s official cause of death.
It’s unclear what Massive Attack, which isn’t exactly known for playing traditional music, was trying to say with their messages.
Despite its motives, the message about Epstein reached an untold amount of people. Whether this fires up more people to find out the truth about what happened to him is yet to be seen.
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