Segment Gets Heated When CNN Contributor Accuses Cuomo of Spreading Fake News Right to His Face

Chris Cuomo had this coming.
The bellicose CNN anchor decided Tuesday night to take on a network colleague — who also happens to be a member of the Trump 2020 re-election campaign advisory board – over the president’s position among Hispanics.
Unfortunately for Cuomo, the adviser happens to be Hispanic himself, and he wasn’t afraid to hit back hard.
The clash came as Cuomo interviewed Steve Cortes, a prominent Trump supporter who’s made the president’s case on the network before.
“This president has simply been an amazing leader for Hispanics,” Cortes, a CNN contributor, said, according to Fox News. “I think a lot of Hispanics look at Donald Trump and they may say, ‘Look, I would like him if he phrased things differently.'”

At one point in the exchange, Cuomo got particularly condescending, noting that Cortes was a “member of a group that has been denigrated time and time again, this man who described the caravans coming here as being mostly murderers and rapists and ‘some I assume are good people’ and all this stuff about the s-hole countries and what he said about Puerto Rico and treating them like they weren’t even part of the country.”
“You know it’s reflected in his numbers. He’s got a third of them at best. How do you think you get to a majority?”
Check it out here:
Cortes responded by noting that Cuomo acknowledged Trump had the support of about one-third of Hispanic voters.
“A third of them is incredible, Chris, compared to expectations,” he said.
“For somebody who says bigoted things about them all the time, maybe,” Cuomo responded.
That’s when Cortes rolled out the two words every CNN personality hates: “Fake news.”
“He does not say bigoted … ,” Cortes said.
“That is not true. That is fake news for you to say that he says bigoted things. He does not.”

But Cortes was just getting started.
“Do you know what is bigoted in my opinion? What is bigoted is saying we’re going to turn the border into a racial issue when it’s not, all right, because America is not a race. And so by protecting America you are protecting Americans of every color, whether they are brown, or black or purple,” he said.
“So what has the media done on a consistent basis? It’s tried to make his tough border policies inherently or somehow systemically racist.”
On social media, the exchange brought praise for Cortes, and mockery for the host.
It's funny how liberals want exhaustive background checks on gun owners, but we are to assume that not screening immigrants is a good idea.
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That last tweet nailed the essential hypocrisy of the liberal position.
Democrats have no problem demonizing American citizens who exercise their Second Amendment-protected right to self-defense as inherently dangerous, but castigate anyone who doesn’t blindly accept the idea that foreigners should be able to enter the country without any determination of whether their presence might put others in harm’s way.
And, like Cuomo, they feel they have a right to lecture the rest of us just on the basis of their presumed moral superiority.
Cortes wasn’t taking it on CNN on Tuesday.

When November 2020 rolls around, Democrats and their media allies might well find out that the rest of the country is sick of taking it, too.
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