'So gross': Plane passengers hit out at tired woman's 'disgusting' choice

It’s something passengers at airports regularly resort to during a long wait for a flight, but you’d be hard-pushed to find a traveller sleeping on the floor when in the air.
However that’s exactly what one passenger recently spotted, sharing the image of a sleeping woman laid out on the floor between two rows of seats to the aptly named Instagram page Passenger Shaming. 
Appearing to be in some sort of agreement with a male passenger, the woman can be seen lying face closest to the plane window as the man takes up the three neighbouring seats.
“QUESTION: Would you ever lay on the floor of an airplane?” the post’s caption reads. 
It’s the latest bizarre on-flight behaviour that’s gained the attention of thousands, coming just weeks after a passenger used their feet to flick through the onboard entertainment.
And hundreds of users were quick to voice their concerns over the passenger’s “disgusting” choice of bed.
“This is so gross,” one person said.
”I don't even like putting my feet with socks on on the floor,” another revealed.
“Exhaustion can make people do things they would never consider otherwise,” one person pointed out.
Others were impressed with the amount of legroom on offer to enable the woman to comfortably fit on the floor.
“I’m surprised by the amount of floor space more than anything!” one person said.
Some even admitted they would be tempted, depending on how tired they were.
While some speculated the flight was leaving Las Vegas, it is unclear when and where the image was taken.
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