Prank call costs pizza restaurant over $700 in pizzas

A pizza restaurant was recently the victim of a prank call which ended in 24 handmade pizzas, $700 worth, being made for a caller who ghosted them and never paid.
On Thursday evening, Mary's Pizza Shack received a call from a man who identified himself as "Will". The restaurant manager says Will wanted 24 high priced pizzas that he claimed were for a work related banquet. 

When the manager asked for the credit number, to secure an order of that size, the man said his boss would be the one paying for all of the pizzas and that he would pay at pick up. That's when Will told the manager he would have the boss call to confirm the payment.
However, the call never came.
Meanwhile, the restaurant began making the 24 handmade pizzas for the order. We asked the manager why he had decided to start the order without confirming the credit information, he told us it was late in the night and an order of that size could take over an hour to make.
The manager attempted calling Will back, but there was no answer. Eventually, Will called back claiming the boss would call back any minute. 

Of course, when all 24 handmade pizzas were made, it was too late. After multiple calls, from different numbers, Will never answered his phone.
In all, the manager said the 24 handmade pizzas were made, costing $701 and some change.
Mary's Pizza Shack said they want other local businesses to be aware of prank calls in the future.
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