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Trump accuser E. Jean Carroll makes explosive confession about what she did to former Fox News CEO

Advice columnist E. Jean Carroll, the latest woman to accuse President Donald Trump of sexual misconduct, admitted  in a recent interview w...

Advice columnist E. Jean Carroll, the latest woman to accuse President Donald Trump of sexual misconduct, admitted in a recent interview with Vanity Fair that she once sexually harassed former Fox News chairman Roger Ailes.
At the time of the harassment, Carroll hosted a show on TV network America's Talking, the predecessor to MSNBC. Ailes was president of the network.
"Oh, I did it. Every day I had a chance," she admitted of sexually harassing Ailes. "I call him the pearl of his sex."
"Right on the air. I roll up my trouser legs. I would wait for the camera to come over. Then I would slowly pull up the right and then the left trouser leg. It would say Roger Ailes. I would say, 'He's my future husband.' It never stopped. I'd ask him to twirl for me," Carroll said.
In the interview, Carroll also addressed controversial comments she made to CNN's Anderson Cooper this week in which she claimed "most people think of rape as being sexy."
Carroll said she should have worded her comments better, explaining "The View" co-host Joy Behar used better language to communicate her sentiment.
"She went on The View and got into an argument and she was defending my vision of the word 'rape' being filled with sexual imagery. And fantasy connotations," Carroll said.
"[Behar] said everyone here has seen 'Gone With the Wind.' She said, you know when Rhett Butler grabs Scarlett O'Hara and picks her up and carries her up the stairs? She's fighting him. She is slugging his chest, and he is going to take her and he's going to throw her down. They cut to a scene of her in bed as happy and rosy, and fulfilled as any woman. And many women have this fantasy," she continued.
Meanwhile, Carroll claimed in an interview with the New York Times this week that she has "not been raped."

E. Jean Carroll said she does not want to consider herself a victim and does not describe the incident with Donald Trump as a rape. 
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  1. ...she's convinced me she's mental...

  2. she is extra ridiculous. i wouldn't be surprised to learn that she works for the white house as a double agent of distraction.

  3. In America even common whores can achieve positions as media stars possessing 100% veracity.