‘Doomsday prepper’ held twin daughters captive and sexually abused them for years, police say

A Florida couple described as “doomsday preppers” allegedly abused their adopted twin daughters, subjecting them to beatings, sexual assaults and a restricted food intake, police said.
Mirko and Regina Ceska were arrested on 12 July for charges including sexual assault and neglect.
Their 22-year-old daughters escaped from the family’s home in Wakulla County on 28 June 2019 after 11 years of suspected abuse.
The women were adopted from the foster case system in 2008 at the age of 11.
They told police officers they had been used as unpaid farm labourers on the family property since their childhood, according to The Tallahassee Democrat.
Both women said their adoptive father had sexually abused them, sometimes “with the support” of their mother, a spokesperson for Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office said.
They also said they were photographed and videotaped while naked and subjected to severe punishments.
A spokesperson said the women ”described a variety of punishments including verbal abuse, restricting their food intake, and beatings.”
“The most recent beating was reportedly done to by Mirko Ceska with a metal rod. Detectives noted marks and bruises on the female’s back and arm.”
Both sisters said they escaped after the beating, on 30 June.
They left the house while their parents slept, with the help of a friend.
“[They] they had been trained to raise pigs, raise sheep, grow various fruits and vegetables, sheer sheep, utilise a loom, and sew,” the sheriff’s office said.
“The females reported they were not allowed to go anywhere, couldn’t have friends, couldn’t have cell phones, nor talk to people in public places.”
Mirko and Regina Ceska are “doomsday preppers” who own multiple ”getaway properties” across the US, the sisters alleged.
Police officers searching the Ceska property found large quantities of food rations and survivalist gear.
Detectives also seized dozens of high quality firearms and many cases of ammunition.
A police spokesperson said that some guns were hidden behind false walls.
A homemade video was also uncovered “which depicted an event wherein Mirko had his face very close to both females’ faces and was screaming that they had stolen food,” the spokesperson added.
“Detectives also executed a search warrant upon a cell phone belonging to Mirko Ceska. A file containing an internet search history for an incestuous video was located.”
Police officers arrested Mirko Ceska and charged him with sexual battery, sexual assaultabuse and neglect on 12 July.
Regina Ceska was arrested and charged with two counts of neglect and two counts of failure to report abuse.
The investigation is ongoing and the twin sisters are being cared for by authorities in a secure location.
The pair's defence attorney attempted to dismiss the girls' suggestion that the Ceskas were "doomsday preppers".
"They were 'preppers' but not the doomsday variety," he said. "They were prepared for a hurricane or a nuclear attack from North Korea."
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