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Woman says she was kicked out of Golden Corral because of her crop top: 'I never wanna wear that shirt again'

A woman in Pennsylvania is speaking out against the restaurant chain Golden Corral after getting kicked out of its Eerie, Pa., location be...

A woman in Pennsylvania is speaking out against the restaurant chain Golden Corral after getting kicked out of its Eerie, Pa., location because of her outfit.
Sueretta Emke took to her Facebook to share her grievances from a visit to the family-style restaurant where she went with her husband, son and some friends to celebrate her son’s birthday. However, the group didn’t have the dining experience that they anticipated since they were ultimately asked to leave.
According to her post, the manager of the particular franchise told Emke that she was dressed “too provocatively” for the restaurant and suggested that she cover up. When asked what was inappropriate about her outfit, the manager couldn’t provide an answer.

“I have seen people in there wearing less and nothing is said to them,” Emke wrote, “but I really do believe something was said to me because im [sic] not thin so it’s not considered sexy.”
Emke went on to explain that her outfit was addressed by management because another customer allegedly complained. The restaurant does not have a dress code.
She tells Yahoo Lifestyle that the lack of dress code is something she confirmed with the franchise owner when she got in touch with them days after the incident. Still, Emke says he was unapologetic, which led her to get in touch with the regional training manager.
“I did call him and he listened to the situation and said he had actually already heard about it and that he was planning on doing re-training at that location with the staff because at the very least, even if say 10 customers had complained, the situation was still not handled correctly,” Emke explains. “He apologized profusely and is supposed to be sending me some gift cards to use at another location because I never want to go back there again, and he was very understanding about that.”
Emke shared the update with her Facebook friends who were following the story, and received praise for standing up for herself. Ultimately, however, Emke says that she felt the need to do something about the way she was treated so that nobody else has to experience the same thing.
“How can you not have a dress code but then make one up for certain customers if another customer complains? That's not ok. It is discrimination,” Emke says. “You’re saying that for whatever reason that customer and their experience is more important than the next person and their experience. And if you are ok with that, where are you going to draw the line?”
Golden Corral didn’t immediately respond to Yahoo Lifestyle’s request for comment. Emke says that she is hopeful after the regional manager shared his plans with her to retrain his staff and to hire more women managers at his locations to avoid unfair treatment of female customers. Although she doesn’t plan to wear the crop top again, according to her post.
“I've never owned a crop top before and I was nervous at first about wearing it but my husband loved the way it looked on me and encouraged me to wear it since I liked it so much,” she wrote. “I really felt cute in it and now I never wanna wear that shirt again.”


  1. I have seen much worse in public places but if she thinks she is hot...she is not. And some people need to mind their own business. Ya' don't have to look. I would guess she was loud and acting up to be asked to GTFO.

  2. I think she was acting like a wigger to get kicked out. Just playing poor victim for scam.

  3. To go in public sloppy like that is disrespectful to yourself and your family.... "all you can eat buffet" really shows ...seriously. I would not look at a female looking like that let alone marry her and have offspring with the big nasty. Just trashy like 98% of the American population especially the black women. For fucks sake woman you are standing in front of a mirror. Do you really not see how fat you are ? That sink is about the size of what your ass needs for a toilet. Seriously. And do something about that ass-hat Shirley Temple simpleton haircut. A tattoo that screams loser. Real class act there brother. What public school did she go to ? "Dressed provocatively" ? A nice way for the waitstaff to say go down the street with the "Big Nasty" look you project. I've seen "cuter" water buffalo on National Geographic. Trailer Trash comes to mind. Something a drunk sailor wouldn't touch on Saturday night at 3am after a gallon of pure moonshine. And the husband has no ambition in life and low self-esteem to let his wife go out like that much less to marry some white trash that has to "super size" the fast food with a diet drink. Just nasty. And the type that wears half a gallon of some stink shit perfume. Definitely not a dainty little morsel. I wouldn't want the big nasty in my vehicle to ruin the leather. At least the bathroom there looks clean. Kudos to the staff. Just like some places have "gun free zone" plastered around , these "all you can eat" places need a "no big nasty" sign. At least she wasn't wearing those pink shorts that say "pink" on them . Absolute Wal-Mart material you are looking at people. They should have just moved the chairs and table in the bathroom for ole big nasty and family so the other people didn't get so sexually aroused and turned on looking at that hot thing she is. Was she formally a man that had that operation where it is something different? Perhaps that is the answer. Just nasty. Trashy. Sloppiness all over. Slob. And do not post anything on TikTok. Please. That app is for the young phat HOTTIES . Honey drippers. Bae's.

  4. Unless she walked into a restaurant naked, it's unlikely fellow diners would be so triggered by her appearance they would complain to management. Let's be honest, skinny folks aren't the demographic for an all-you-can-eat buffet. Our victim here was probably not the only cow in that Corral. I suspect there is more to this story.

  5. Provocatively is not the adverb I'd have chosen.

  6. Hey I just found you and your wife's graduation pictures.

    Ideal couple,

  7. Why do people want to interfere?
    Leave her alone she is not harming anyone.
    Unless she actually cause someone harm it has F all to do with them.
    How can anyone be so miserable as to complain about another persons clothing?
    WTF is wrong with people?

  8. See Colorado Stink for the kind of stupidity that would complain.
    Some people are so miserable that cannot stand to see others happy.
    If someone complained about my wife's attire I would quite happily and loudly explain to them that I and my family do not give two "hoots" or words to that effect about their feelings, offensiveness or anything else.
    There are only two kinds of people in this world, those that want to tell others what to do, and those like me who don't give a damn.
    Colorado Stink is one of the former and I would happily insert his cranium into his colon to improve his outlook on life.

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  10. My wife (at age 50) was-is stunningly beautiful. We went to a restaurant in Kuwait City where people who knew us from the Embassy were eating. After 10 minutes a woman across the restaurant insisted that she and her husband change seats as he was not paying her any attention but was staring at my wife. (Phillip May or Bill Clinton and Melania Trump come to mind.)
    He had to sit with his back to our table whilst she spent the next 30 minutes glaring.
    There is a simple solution for all problems.
    If you don't like the view, close your eyes or turn around.
    I am not particularly keen on "Bikers" so I don't go to their bars. See it is simple.

  11. Exactly, if I did go to a bikers bar, I should not complain about beards.

  12. Hey, you might have been out of place at the Golden Corral but you would fit right in at the Chicago Stockyards corral. M-o-o-o-o-o-o!

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  15. She should have worn a mumu and she would have been fine...but a lumpy top and short shorts is definitely a NO NO in a restaurant....even if it's for FAT ASSES like her...!!

  16. She should sue them and collect a whopping $5 to go out and buy another nauseating top at Goodwill!!!!

  17. Golden Corral is not a high end eatery more it's like a more expensive Denny's any kind of attire can be expected anywhere, maybe not where menu prices start at 50$ and a entry fee of 30$ I am talking a real high end Restaurant that has a dress code for men and women and the poor or middle class can not afford or would go to.

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  21. Nah, he's just a judgmental asshole

  22. 'her outfit was addressed by management because another customer allegedly complained. '

  23. How did I insult you, I feel the same about Lumberjacks.
    I am the same with women and bikes, but I ride a light weight racing bicycle not a Harley.

  24. Don't have to look, no. I say she was probably unruly...(and ugly as hell).

  25. As a "Biker", you insult me. I will never let a woman get on with me if she weighs more than the bike. And my wife is pleasantly plump but not gross like that hag.