Watch: Chanting Brits Openly Defy Mayor Sadiq Khan, Give Trump Jaw-Dropping Welcome

President Donald Trump arrived in the United Kingdom on Monday for an official state visit, and despite a prominent British leader’s attempt to sow dissent against the American leader, he was nevertheless warmly received by royalty and many Londoners alike.
Prior to Trump’s arrival, London Mayor Sadiq Khan — who has made his hatred of Trump abundantly clear — wrote an Op-Ed for The U.K. Guardian in which he asserted it was “un-British to be rolling out the red carpet this week for a formal state visit” for the likes of a supposedly divisive and racist “far-right” leader like Trump.
Trump responded on Twitter with a few choice insults directed toward the London mayor.
The establishment media — as they tend to do — decided to focus not on Khan’s opening salvo, but on the president’s retorts, acting almost as if Trump’s tweets were entirely unsolicited.
The overarching media message was crystal clear: Terrible Trump was wholly unwelcome in the U.K., especially in London.
But it would appear that not all Londoners received that message. There were more than a few who showed up outside Buckingham Palace to cheer on Trump’s arrival prior to his meeting with Queen Elizabeth II on Monday, according to the Washington Examiner.
The Trump supporters outside the palace launched into a chorus of “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow,” as well as a chant of “Hip, hip, hooray!” when the president arrived, the Examiner reported.
Eighteen-year-old American tourist Caden McClure suggested that far from being wholly opposed to Trump — as folks like Khan and the predominately liberal media would like to insinuate — the U.K. is sharply divided when it comes to politics, much like the U.S.
“It’s an indication of the U.K.’s opinion of him but it’s not the only opinion,” McClure told the Examiner, referring to some people’s opposition to Trump’s visit. “It’s the same at home.”
Independent Journal Review reported that in addition to breaking out into song upon Trump’s arrival at the palace, the crowd of supporters also chanted the president’s name and “U.S.A.” while loudly cheering as he and first lady Melania Trump departed the palace following their visit with the queen.
The chants and cheers could be heard amid jovial bagpipe music played as the presidential motorcade drove away from the palace.
The presidential motorcade departs Buckingham Palace, the President and First Lady waved to the crowds from the second “beast”. Fair amount of booing but also some cheers from a small group of Trump supporters.
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Khan and the liberal media sought to convince the world that Trump would be greeted not with cheers, but with legions of protesters.
But that’s far from the whole story, as Trump noted in a pair of tweets Monday.
“London part of trip is going really well. The Queen and the entire Royal family have been fantastic. The relationship with the United Kingdom is very strong. Tremendous crowds of well wishers and people that love our Country,” the president wrote.
“Haven’t seen any protests yet, but I’m sure the Fake News will be working hard to find them. Great love all around. Also, big Trade Deal is possible once U.K. gets rid of the shackles. Already starting to talk!” he added.
There is a growing movement of right-leaning populism sweeping across Europe that stands staunchly opposed to the sort of globalist leftism espoused by the likes of Khan and the establishment media.
Brexit is a prime example of this, and try as Khan and the media might to slander and smear that movement as hateful or racist or xenophobic, those efforts obviously aren’t working as intended.
To the contrary, Trump was warmly received by plenty of U.K. residents, suggesting he enjoys a level of support in the country that Khan and the media are trying to ignore.
It’s almost like some of the British people want their own version of Trump to make the U.K. great again.
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