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STUNNING! NY Times Labels Top Conservative YouTubers as ‘Far -Right’ in Continued Push to Ban Conservative Content Online

The push to eliminate conservative content online continued on Sunday in The New York Times. Since the 2016 election there has been an...

The push to eliminate conservative content online continued on Sunday in The New York Times.

Since the 2016 election there has been an organized and well funded movement on the left to eliminate conservative content online.
And it has worked — thanks to a weak and ineffective Repubican party.

Facebook has been eliminating traffic to conservative websites since the 2016 election. Over a billion page views have been eliminated to conservative publishers since the 2016 election.
We reported in July 2018 that Twitter has long been censoring conservatives. Twitter evens censors and shadowbans the President of the United States, Donald Trump’s twitter account, @realDonaldTrump.
And Google-YouTube is openly deleting conservative content and demonetizing conservative accounts.
And the left is cheering this.
The highly inaccurate and far left New York Times ran a front page story on Sunday on how dangerous conservative YouTubers are to society.
The paper of record is openly supporting the silencing of opposing voices. This is the new Democrat party.
It’s unfortunate the Republican party is so timid and afraid to stand up to this fascist movement on the left.
The New York Times blames ALGORITHMS for the popularity of these voices.
This is a coordinated attempt to justify removing more and more conservative voices from YouTube and the internet.
The featured image includes popular YouTubers: Stefan Molyneux, Steven Crowder, Paul Joseph Watson, Lauren Southern, Jordan Peterson, Gavin McInnes, Milo Yiannopolous and Ben Shapiro.
Make no doubt about it — This is a warning shot. The left is coming for you… Even you, Trump-hater Ben Shapiro!

It’s just unfortunate there is not an opposition party up for the job to save America.
How infuriating.


  1. The mantra of the Left and Globalists: THE RULES ARE FOR THEE AND NOT FOR ME.
    "Funny" how these Leftwingers believe in Socialism and Sharing (YOUR) property..........
    but Their's is THEIR'S ..... no WAY are they gonna share..
    Upon which side will the Democratic Party fight; upon the side of "the idle holders of idle capital" or upon the side of "the struggling masses"? That is the question which the party must answer first, and then it must be answered by each individual hereafter. The sympathies of the Democratic Party, as shown by the platform, are on the side of the struggling masses, who have ever been the foundation of the Democratic Party........
    Having behind us the producing masses of this nation and the world, supported by the commercial interests, the laboring interests, and the toilers everywhere, we will answer their demand for a gold standard by saying to them: "You shall not press down upon the brow of labor this crown of thorns; you shall not crucify mankind upon a cross of gold."
    --William Jennings Bryan
    It certainly isn't coincidence that those who preach open borders, mass immigration and want to force totalitarian "multiculturism" upon those who are worse affected, namely the working class indigenous populations, are multi millionaire champagne socialists who live in homogeneously white walled and gated communities, spewing their sanctimony and hypocrisy down upon the masses from their ivory towers.

  2. Annie and Al...... get your guns? It is time to wonder.