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Restaurant owner refuses to serve military veterans and child with Down syndrome because they have service dogs

A group of military veterans were shocked when they were told by a Utah restaurant owner that they could not eat at his establishment beca...

A group of military veterans were shocked when they were told by a Utah restaurant owner that they could not eat at his establishment because of their service dogs. Despite the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) protecting those with service dogs, this is not the first time the owner has refused service.
On Thursday, James Mann — the founder of 4 Paws 4 Patriots-Utah, a non-profit organization that provides service dogs to disabled veterans — and his three friends attempted to eat at Bombay Grill in Ogden, Utah when the manager approached them. According to Mann, the manager kicked them out because of their service dogs.
Despite being protected by the ADA, which ensures that businesses must allow people with disabilities to bring their service animals into "all areas of the facility where customers are normally allowed," the manager, identified as Pual, allegedly told the group "if anyone tried to say that he had to serve us by law then he would just close his business."
"I've never been asked to leave anywhere because of my dog," Mann, who served in the Army for 11 years before becoming medically retired in 2013, told Today. "It was really embarrassing to be discriminated against this way."
"He just didn't care. He said it's his prerogative and he doesn't want dogs in his restaurant," Mann said.
According to Fox 13, this is not the first time guests with service dogs have been denied service at Bombay Grill. Missy Warwood, her husband and their 5-year-old son, Jefferson, had attempted to eat at the restaurant for her birthday two weeks earlier. Jefferson, who has Down syndrome and is non-verbal, had his service dog with him.
"We tried to educate him, and let him know that we have every right to be here. It's my son's service dog. He needs it," Warwood said. "And he said, 'No. It's my opinion, it's my restaurant. And I say, no dogs.'"
Now, Pual could face fines and be required to pay monetary damages for denying guests with service animals. But Mann, speaking to Today, said that he and his friends don't want the restaurant or the manager to get into trouble over the incident. Rather, they are hopeful sharing their story can raise more awareness to prevent discrimination.
"We suffer from PTSD, anxiety, depression ... the dogs have helped us get out and feel confident going out and socializing. This experience was disheartening. We love our service dogs. They're like family. If we didn't have to suffer from these things, we'd choose that," Mann said. "It's embarrassing. It's hurtful when we're told we can't go somewhere when we know we are allowed to."


  1. I understand the owner not wanting half a dozen emotional support dogs in his restaurant. Maybe if it was one service dog for a blind person, but these people purposely did this to knowingly causing the reaction they got. Eat outside snowflakes.

  2. can you imagine that a towel head snake charmer acted more like an American then these tax parasite veterans who are milking the system with their fake PSTD claims. why would you want to force the guy? if some one told me that I would say OK no problem I go to another place OR JUST LEAVE THE GODAMN DOGS HOME. I love dogs put with mental case owners like them they could be covered with ticks and fleas

  3. Socialist always want to be the protected class.

  4. "Service" animals are defined as dogs or miniature horses that perform a task in aid of a person with a physical handicap(s). "Emotional support" animals are not "Service" animals and can be excluded. It's only in the regulations for Housing and Urban Development (HUD) properties where there is law (loosely defined) on Emotional Support animals.

    The restaurant may get blow back, but not in any lawsuit. I would rather not see animals allowed in places if they are not properly trained and serving somebody with a physical handicap. What can the dog do for an autistic kid that can't speak? Talk for him? I like my cat, but I don't take her with me everywhere I go.

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