Hours Before Dem Debate, Tech Giant Quarantines 750,000-Member Pro-Trump Group

With still over a year before elections, the 2020 war is already starting.
Hours before the first clown car of candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination takes the stage for the first debates of the primary contest, one of the country’s largest social media platforms has placed a “quarantine” around supporters of President Donald Trump — and blaming Trump supporters for the move.
According to The Washington Post, Reddit has “quarantined” the pro-Trump forum “r/The_Donald” – with roughly 750,000 users.
It’s a tactic The Post acknowledges is only used in rare cases: “Past quarantines have been imposed on forums devoted to white supremacy, Sept. 11 conspiracy theories and videos of fatal violence,” the newspaper explains.
My home The_Donald on @reddit has been quarentined on the day of the first Democratic Debate... Coincidence?

Absolutely not.

A community of over 700,000 Patriots.. suddenly silenced...
I know the MODs at @thedonaldreddit personally.

They are the hardest working people in all of the internet. Content that violates @reddit TOS is REMOVED QUICKLY.

Many have tried to frame T_D as a racist and violent place, they intentionally post things to get us in trouble.
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A statement from Reddit posted on the forum (you might have have to click through a scary warning to get to it) states that users of “r/The_Donald” have been guilty of “encouragement of violence towards police officers and public officials in Oregon.”
Republican state senators have fled the state to Idaho to prevent a supermajority of Democrats from achieving a quorum and passing controversial legislation aimed at fighting climate change. In response, Governor Kate Brown, a Democrat, has ordered state police to track down the renegade senators. And at least one of the self-exiled lawmakers, Sen. Brian Boquist, has indicated he’s willing to use violence to resist the officers.
Reddit’s post states that “r/The_Donald” users have only fueled the fire. But the situation has already lasted a week. And as a report Wednesday on OregonLive indicates, it’s not going to be resolved anytime soon. The grandees of Reddit, however, have not felt compelled to take action against the forum until today.
And it just happens to be the day of the first Democratic debate in Miami. Mirable dictu!
Making matters even more mysterious, the Reddit statement explicitly notes that the forum has made “progress” in the areas of concern, and that it does remove violent posts.
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In the message Reddit sent to The_Donald page they say the page has been quarantined for random users posting about violence, but also acknowledge that the page admins do delete those posts. They were quarantined anyway
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And yet, the quarantine had to come — and on June 26, apparently.
A cynic might think that this was yet another in a long and increasingly ominous list of social media powers trying to drive non-liberal material out of the public cyber-square.
Even The Washington Post acknowledged in its opening sentence that the move “could further inflame conservatives’ claims of social-media bias.”
Oh, those “conservative claims of social-media bias.” Whatever could they be about?
Maybe Google’s censoring the Project Veritas expose of a Google executive’s insinuation that the company could help sway the 2020 vote against Trump’s re-election?
Or Facebook’s pernicious, ongoing campaign against conservative websites?
Or Twitter’s putting its thumb on the scales of what constitutes acceptable conversation?
These aren’t isolated examples, nor do they take much effort to find. There is undeniable social-media bias against conservatives, though The Post and other establishment media outlets are too cowardly to admit it.
In fairness, it’s impossible to know Reddit’s intentions. So it’s just possible that the company by pure coincidence settled on one of the biggest political days of the year to throw a quarantine around a forum frequented by Trump supporters.
And it’s equally possible that the site’s executives really were scared to death that Reddit posts were going to lead to violence against Oregon officials.
But from the vantage point of anyone in America who both uses social media and refuses to accept the liberal worldview that’s being pushed by the Democratic politicians, the public education system, the higher education system, the entertainment world, and the vast majority of the establishment media, it looks a little too convenient to be a coincidence.
The late Andrew Breitbart, a conservative lion, put it perfectly in a 2010 interview with Business Insider:
“This [is] metaphorical warfare. This is not real bombs, but this is word bombs.”
In fact, it looks an awful lot like the War of 2020 isn’t just getting started – it’s well underway.
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