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Woman claimed good Samaritan who stopped to fix her broken down car assaulted her. He went to jail — but now she’s in big trouble.

A woman who accused a good Samaritan of assault is now facing charges of her own — for lying about the entire incident. What are the d...

A woman who accused a good Samaritan of assault is now facing charges of her own — for lying about the entire incident.

What are the details?

According to Australia's 7News, 36-year-old Kenan Basic approached a young woman having car trouble in 2018.
Basic, a father and husband, went to help the woman —19-year-old Caitlyn Gray — who'd pulled into a BP service station after she'd smashed up her car.
The outlet reported that Basic spent nearly two hours fixing Gray's car so she could go on her way. Security footage shows Basic working on the young woman's car, and the two hugging once he is successful and she's ready to leave.
Gray, however, went on to tell authorities that Basic propositioned her for sex in return for his service and later followed her when she refused. Gray said Basic then assaulted her at a different location and began to stalk her.
Authorities arrested Basic and jailed him for two weeks. Because of the incident, Basic lost his job and his wife.
He maintained that he was innocent and, with his lawyer, continued pressing the police to look into Gray's allegations.
In a recent police interview, however, Gray admitted to making up the entire story.
Authorities charged her with contempt of court, fabricating evidence, and lying to police. She is due in court later in May.
Charges against Basic were thrown out after Gray's admission.

What did the lawyer say?

Mona Elbaba, Basic's lawyer, said that the dismissal was immediate.
"My client and his family are extremely happy with the outcome," Elbaba said. "He has always maintained his innocence, he's always said he's not guilty to the charges, and has vigorously denied the allegations."
She added, "Justice has been served, and we are very happy with the outcome."
The outlet reported that Basic will "pursue costs and compensation" and is set to return to court over the incident in July.


  1. Many women exist in a Soap Opera Universe where if they imagine something to be true it is 100% TRUE, I think estrogen somehow figures into this. Just a thought.

  2. Justice HAS NOT been served. It'll be "served" when that rotten bitch is serving 10 years for being a complete asshole to some guy who was helping her out. These false accusers need to be punished severely or this crap will never stop!

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  5. Mirror sentences should be mandatory.

  6. And Leftist, Feminist Hos are advocating for the death penalty for rape. Women lie. I'll accept the death penalty for rape if, and only if, the same penalty is awarded for a false accusation of rape.

  7. he should be allowed to beat her for a full fifteen minutes and be given any property she owns