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White politician’s home pelted with eggs after she repeatedly uses N-word to make point about racism

A San Francisco Democratic official’s home was pelted with eggs after she repeatedly used a racial slur at a political meeting. Angela A...

A San Francisco Democratic official’s home was pelted with eggs after she repeatedly used a racial slur at a political meeting.
Angela Alioto, a former city supervisor and failed mayoral candidate, was discussing racial injustice related to the N-word, which she said out loud at least six times to underline her point, during a meeting with black city workers, reported KPIX-TV

According to a video of the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee meeting, the crowd shouted at Alioto, who is a white civil rights attorney, and begged her to stop using the word, and one witness said some spectators cried.
“I understand that point that in the courtroom, that’s what she has done in that context,” said Gloria Berry, a state assembly district delegate who attended the meeting. “But for her as a white woman to redefine that night that now it is okay … that hasn’t been a consensus amongst the community, that now it’s okay to use that word in a community meeting.”
Berry and other members of the DCCC want Alioto removed from the committee, but the veteran Democrat hopes to stay on.
“I am so sorry, so sorry, if anybody was offended,” Alioto told KPIX. “My sole point was to demonstrate how horrible that word is in the workplace to any human being. It’s a horrible word for all of us, especially for African-Americans, so I’m so sorry that in repeating it and giving instances of my cases, that I hurt anybody’s feelings.”
The party could vote to remove Alioto at its next meeting, and her Pacific Heights home was pelted Saturday evening with eggs.
“When I first saw it, I took a deep breath thinking, ‘Wow, — anger, hostility,’” Alioto said.
It’s not clear who threw about two dozen eggs at Alioto’s home, but her political opponents denounced the act of vandalism.
“I don’t believe in going behind folks back,” said Phelicia Jones, who wants Alioto to step down from the DCCC. “I am an upfront person. Whatever needs to be said should be said to her face, the media and the (Democratic Party board).”



    This idiot should have dissed whitey not blackie!!!!!

  2. Liberal "democrats" want to keep these words in use because it helps divide and conquer the working poor. I am old enough to remember when nobody even wanted to use this grotesque word, then it was resurrected in popular media through gangsta rap, movies and tv. Its just like Hillary making her cpt joke, they want to keep racism current so that voters live in fear.


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