Watch Irate Woman Sucker-Punch Pro-Lifer. Univ. Cops Say They Arrested Her but Leave Her Free

If you’re going to sucker-punch someone without provocation, a citation arrest and immediate release probably isn’t in your future. Then again, if you’re targeting a pro-life activist on a college campus, the rules may be a little bit different.
According to Fox News, 19-year-old Jillian Ward, a student at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, was arrested and released after an attack upon members of pro-life group Created Equal on April 2.
The attack, which was caught on video, was allegedly precipitated by the fact she was triggered by photographs of aborted babies used by Created Equal, images the group says illustrate “the gruesome reality of abortion and to engage students in conversation about this human injustice.”
“Did y’all put these up?” Ward said when she approached the display. Austin Beigel, a member of the group, answered yes. So, she rushed the group and began physically attacking them, because that’s where we are in 2019.
“F—ing terrible person,” Ward can be heard yelling on the video. “You’re a terrible person. You — this is not okay. This is not okay. This is not okay. Shut the f— up right now. This is wrong. This is triggering. You’re not an innocent human being. You’re a terrible person.”
Says the woman punching a guy for exercising his right of freedom of speech to protect the unborn.
Beigel endured punches to the face and the stomach. As can be seen in the video, Ward will be charged with misdemeanor assault but wasn’t taken in by police, but instead given an arrest by citation and released. She has a court appearance in June.
Beigel, who said in a Facebook post that “violence from abortion supporters is becoming more common,” also said he has forgiven Ward and asked others to pray for her.
WARNING: This video contains graphic language and violence. 

This is hardly the first time that we’ve seen a situation like this. Created Equal president Mike Harrington said that he believes this is part of a bigger problem on campuses. “Students being groomed on college campuses to be leaders, writers, and thinkers of the Left are increasing in censorship and violence against those with whom they disagree,” he said.
The group was already the target of a high-profile act of vandalism against its display at Indiana University last October. A similar incident at Stanford University involving a pro-life student group drew considerable attention in February.
This all seems more sinister when you consider we have a Pennsylvania state legislator, Brian Sims, who offered rewards to dox pro-life protesters outside of a Planned Parenthood in Philadelphia.
In his apology, Sims seemed to highlight the fact that the people who were protesting the clinic were wretched human beings themselves while taking minimal responsibility for his own actions. In other words, he may have done something bad, but the real enemies were those exercising their right to free speech.
This woman’s actions seem to be the result of that dangerous line of thinking.
Watch Irate Woman Sucker-Punch Pro-Lifer. Univ. Cops Say They Arrested Her but Leave Her Free Watch Irate Woman Sucker-Punch Pro-Lifer. Univ. Cops Say They Arrested Her but Leave Her Free Reviewed by STATION GOSSIP on 11:04 Rating: 5

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