Silly AOC Gets Owned After Absurd Climate Claim on Instagram

Remember back when the leftists all loudly caterwauled and pounded their fists on tables to lecture us unsophisticated conservatives that “weather is different from climate”?
Oh yeah.
That was yesterday.
Now, thanks to the silliest Instagram account in the universe, we got a front-row seat to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez looking out her window freaking out about the thunderstorm she sees outside. Apparently, that seemed like a good opportunity for her to use a study to lecture us simpletons on the frequency and location of tornadoes.
Then she went full-AOC. (Children, please leave this to professionals.)
“The climate crisis is real y’all. guess [sic] we’re at casual tornadoes in the growing regions of the country,” AOC wrote on Thursday from her office in Washington.
AOC Casual Tornados
“Casual” tornadoes? What in the actual heck is she talking about?
Never mind, try not to be distracted by her lunacy. I’ll try to help.
This is the point: She is talking about weather patterns being proof of climate change. This is a massive faux pas to the lexicon of environmentalist activists.
Let me translate to AOC fans: This is a huge no-no, y’all.
Climate change activists are constantly frustrated that when they claim the earth is warming, others laugh and send them pics of the snow in May. So they yell, “weather isn’t climate!”
In fact, some are so frustrated about this phenomenon that they write articles in The New York Times titled, “How the Weather Gets Weaponized in Climate Change Messaging.”
My point here is that the left super hates it when people talk about the weather instead of climate and conflate the two.
Except that the left does it all the time whenever it suits them. That is, in fact, the classic tactic of the left: “It’s good you but not for me.”
It was this written-in-stone rule that AOC violated when she lamented the crisis of informal tornadoes traversing the fruited plains. Her strategic mistake did not go unnoticed.
Ryan Maue, an actual meteorologist with an actual Ph.D., called her out in epic form.
“The Congresswoman @AOC does not know the difference between weather and climate,” Maue wrote in a Twitter post. “Let’s try an easy analogy: Weather is what outfit you wear heading out the door. Climate is your closet wardrobe.”
Welcome to Burnville. Population: AOC.
And it’s not just AOC straying from the “weather isn’t climate” mantra. Commenting on the flooding in Iowa, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren tweeted, “The consequences of climate change are severe.” (No word yet from AOC whether these were finely dressed floods or mere casual ones.)
Isn’t flooding weather? Yes, it is.
And only a few years ago, didn’t the left say droughts in the same regions were also proof of climate change? Why, yes! Yes, they did.
If your head is spinning right now, let me clarify:
If it’s cold, then it’s weather and not proof of anything climate-related — especially if you’re a conservative and you are using things like temperatures and facts to argue a point.
However, if there is flooding, droughts, forest fires, blizzards or tornadoes, then it’s certainly weather and not proof of anything climate related — unless you’re a Democrat and want to just say that it is.
Y’all understand now?
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