Julia Roberts Calls For Gender-Neutral School Bathrooms

It appears that Julia Roberts wants schools to have gender-neutral bathrooms. It is unclear if those bathrooms should be private or public to the point of biological males urinating alongside biological females.

In an Instagram post on Tuesday, the "Pretty Woman" star shared a photo of herself posing in front of a "gender-neutral" bathroom — not a unisex bathroom, mind you; the kind that includes both the male and female symbol alongside a half male/half female symbol.
"I wish they all said this," Roberts said in her post before asking people to check her Instagram story. Actress Rita Wilson, wife of Tom Hanks, expressed her approval.
In her Instagram story video, Roberts invited her followers to donate to the organization, GLSEN, which, according to HuffPost, is "a national education organization that works to help LGBTQ children in K-12 schools."
"Hi everybody, I wanted to talk to you about an organization I feel really strongly about. It’s called GLSEN," Roberts said in the story video. "GLSEN makes schools safe for every student no matter your sexual orientation or gender identity, I’ve donated, I’m asking you to. Click that donation button, every dollar helps."
GLSEN claims it simply promotes anti-bullying of LGBTQ students, but it often goes into propaganda — specifically on the subjects of gender pronouns and gender-neutral bathrooms. In a post explaining their position, GLSEN described traditional bathrooms as being harmful to transgender students in schools.
These bathrooms in schools also pose difficulty to transgender and gender nonconforming students. GLSEN research shows that nearly two thirds of transgender students avoid school bathrooms because of feeling unsafe or uncomfortable. They risk verbal and physical harassment, no matter which of the two, sex-segregated bathrooms they enter.
Also, over half of transgender students report that they were required to use the bathroom of their legal sex rather than the one that they feel most comfortable using. The U.S. Department of Justice has deemed this requirement illegal under Title IX.
Feeling unsafe, uncomfortable, and at risk of illegal disciplinary action, these students might “hold it” or restrict intake of fluids, risking pain and dehydration. Some of these students even leave school altogether. These outcomes are not positive in any way, for any one.
The solution here is not a new or radical concept: all schools should have private, gender-neutral bathrooms for any students to use, in the same, normal way that homes have bathrooms for guests to use and many restaurants have bathrooms that are not labeled for the sexes. This is not to suggest, however, that there be a separate bathroom for transgender students, like presidential candidate Ben Carson recently proposed, because separate is never equal.
Julia Roberts has promoted GLSEN before. According to PEOPLE, while presenting the Visionary Award at the 2016 GLSEN Respect Awards, Roberts had fans donate $49 to GLSEN in honor of her 49th birthday,
"It is my pleasure every year to support GLSEN," she said. "I love this night. I told the kids backstage ... that this is like my third favorite night of the year — and one and two, but don’t tell anyone."
"But one of the three nights might be my birthday, which is next Friday," Roberts continued. "If you wake up next Friday and think, 'What should I get Julia for her birthday?,' then donate to GLSEN. I’m going to be 49, so a $49 donation would be great. Thank you."
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  1. It's a sickness with these people. What's so hard to understand? Look in your underwear, if you see a penis then use the men's room.
    Next time Julia is using a restroom I hope a big lumberjack puts one on the griddle for her in the next stall.

  2. they should do that at the private school that her grand kids attend.
    but not at the public schools that mine attend.

  3. I always thought this woman had a brain. I was wrong!

    Get over yourselves women of the world. If you're all that bored with what life gave you, try a different career, but do the world a favour, and shut the hell up.

    A neurosis is just that. Get over it and fix it, otherwise stop trying to confuse the world with your lack of education, lack of ethics, and a great lack of morals.

    Transgenderism, is no more than child molestation at all levels, by Second Grade reading morons.

  4. Next time i see her go into a toilet, i will join her and drop a serious #2 next to her after cracking a thunderour windfarm bowel release. Let's see how she feels about sharing that ...

  5. I wouldn't give 49 CENTS to this insanity!!!

  6. She did play a whore....so maybe she really is a brainless whore in reality!!!!

  7. if she had more brains than tits....

  8. Always wondered why some found her sexy or attractive, now I know I was right she is down right ugly.

  9. Like the majority of actors these days, Julia has a ridiculous take on bathroom use, and pretty much everything else. Julia, you and the rest of your mentally ill fellows - please shut up!!


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