Feminist Calls Louisiana Dem Governor ‘Misogynist’ For Supporting Pro-Life Bill. She Gets Wrecked.

After news broke the Democratic Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards would break with his party and sign his state’s fetal heartbeat bill into law, one feminist author went ballistic, tweeting that he was an “unrepentant misogynist” and should be expelled from the Democratic Party.
As Sister Toldjah of RedState reports, author Jill Filipovic reacted to a report in Slate that cited AP saying Edwards would sign the bill. After the Louisiana House passed the bill on Wednesday, Edwards stated, “I know there are many who feel just as strongly as I do on abortion and disagree with me — and I respect their opinions. As I prepare to sign this bill, I call on the overwhelming bipartisan majority of legislators who voted for it to join me in continuing to build a better Louisiana that cares for the least among us and provides more opportunity for everyone.”
Filipovic then vented her spleen, tweeting, “No more bigots in the Democratic Party. The tent can’t be so big you allow in unrepentant misogynists who are willing to sign away women’s most basic rights.”
Sister Toldjah herself confronted Filipovic, writing, “Stop acting like a total (word that rhymes with witch). Edwards is pro-life because his unborn daughter was diagnosed with spina bifida and they were advised to abort. She's now grown up, married, and a public school counselor. This has nothing to do with ‘misogyny,’ ghoul.”
As The Washington Post has noted:
Nearly three decades ago, when Democratic Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards’ wife was 20 weeks pregnant with their first child, a doctor discovered their daughter had spina bifida and encouraged an abortion. The Edwardses refused. Now, daughter Samantha is married and working as a school counselor, and Edwards finds himself an outlier in polarized abortion politics. “My position hasn’t changed. In eight years in the Legislature, I was a pro-life legislator,” he said. When he ran for governor, his view was the same. “I’m as consistent as I can be on that point.”
Sister Toldjah also noted, “Filipovic, by the way, is also the same unhinged feminist who recently suggested that pro-life men should be forced to mutilate their man parts for ‘every pregnancy they create.’ So she’s not exactly playing with a full deck of cards, if you catch my drift.”
When Edwards ran for governor in 2015, he ran a pro-life ad showing him and his wife Donna speaking of their daughter. His wife recalled when she first heard the diagnosis that her daughter had spina bifida and her husband’s subsequent reaction:
I was twenty weeks pregnant with our first child when the doctor discovered she had spina bifida and encouraged me to have an abortion. I was devastated, but John Bel never flinched. He just said, “No. No, we’re gonna love this baby. No matter what. And at that moment, I watched the boy I fell in love with become the man I’m still in love with today. Samantha’s getting married next spring, and she’s living proof that John Bel Edwards lives his values every day.”
Feminist Calls Louisiana Dem Governor ‘Misogynist’ For Supporting Pro-Life Bill. She Gets Wrecked. Feminist Calls Louisiana Dem Governor ‘Misogynist’ For Supporting Pro-Life Bill. She Gets Wrecked. Reviewed by STATION GOSSIP on 05:47 Rating: 5

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