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Woman says she was fired after forgetting to pay $23 restaurant bill

A Georgia woman says she was fired from her job after a restaurant's server branded her a "dine and dasher" in a Faceboo...

A Georgia woman says she was fired from her job after a restaurant's server branded her a "dine and dasher" in a Facebook post after she didn’t pay a $23 bill.
But Wendy Wiles says her unpaid check was a misunderstanding.
Wiles went to eat at Ru Sans restaurant in Athens, Ga., with her friend Quincy Brooks, last week. The pair typically eat at the Japanese restaurant once a month, according to CBS46. The pair switches off on who pays the bill when they eat together.
Accidentally, according to both Wiles and Brooks, they both had assumed the other picked up the tab.
“I was assuming he paid and he assumed that I had paid,” Wiles told the outlet. Brooks confirmed that he had assumed Wiles paid, as he had taken care of the check last time.
In a matter of hours, a server at the restaurant took to Facebook and posted about the incident on the community page Athens Service Industry. The post, which has since been deleted, read, "Please be on the look out for a Wendy Wiles. Dine and Dasher in beechwood area.” A photo of Wiles was included in the post.
Wiles told CBS46 that Athens Police arrived at her home and left a note, which read that Wiles needed to pay her bill before a warrant for her arrest was issued. "$23.25 is cheaper than bail," the note read. Athens Police did not immediately respond to Yahoo Lifestyle’s requests for comment.
While the pair returned to Ru Sans the following day to pay the bill, Wiles learned this was not the last of her problems.
Wiles, a housekeeper, found out she was fired from her job due to the infraction on social media, which her supervisors allegedly said was a "disgrace to the company because her face was on the internet."
“They fired me. I lost my job over this,” she said. “It's devastating that I had to lose my job over $23 that just was a misunderstanding."
According to CBS46, this was her third infraction in this role. Her first was for leaving the light on and the second was for not completing reviews.

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  1. Tell me stupid lady just HOW to you forget to pay a $23 bill for food at a restaurant? Is it instant amnesia?