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Wisconsin Teacher Reportedly Asks 7th Graders to Create 'Slave Games'

A Wisconsin physical education teacher has been suspended for suggesting that black students come up with some negro-centric games t...

A Wisconsin physical education teacher has been suspended for suggesting that black students come up with some negro-centric games that slaves might have played because everyone knows cotton picking didn’t burn many calories and the cardio was usually limited to running away to freedom.
According to Fox 6 News, Jan Zehren, a middle school PE teacher for 36 years, separated her seventh-grade gym class at Shorewood Intermediate School into groups based on their race and asked them to research games from their cultures. Apparently, Miss Zehren was satisfied when the white children came up with “Hide and Go Unseason” but it was the directive for black students to create American Gladiators: Plantation Edition that shocked the students.

TMJ 4 reports:
April 1st was a typical day in gym class until 7th grader Alexis Averette says she was assigned an odd game.
“Ms. Zehren forced me and my partner to reenact slavery in front of the entire class,” she said. “When we told her we were uncomfortable she told us we still had to do it.”
While some students presented dodge ball, others say they were paired up by race and told to reenact slavery games. When Averette and her partner proposed another game, the students say they were told it was too common.
When Averette told her parents her mother and father were shocked.
“She came home and she told me she had to reconstruct games ever played during slavery,” said Averette’s father. “Yeah, I was completely shocked. I knew it was a problem immediately when she said she was uncomfortable.”
“I’ve never heard of such a thing. I never knew slaves had opportunities to play games,” said Dr. Reshunda Stephens, a parent of one of the black students asked to come up with ideas for plantation recess, which traditionally took place between third-period whippings and fourth-period lynchings (You couldn’t imagine how hard it is to play dodgeball while wearing shackles).
Students in the class’ other groups told Fox 6 that they even felt awkward when they heard the instructor’s suggestion. Parents contacted the school after multiple students informed them about the teacher’s version of the Negrolymplics and escorted Nehren out of the school. After officials found out about House Nigga Field Day, Shorewood Schools’ superintendent sent a letter to parents assured them that the school has launched an internal investigation into the not Malcolm X-Games
“We have placed the teacher on leave, pending the findings of the investigation,” wrote Superintendent Bryan Davis, who should not be trusted because he spells his name with a Y. “Our school counselor, school psychologist, Dean of Students and the SIS principal have been providing support to the students who were directly involved in the incident.
“We take these allegations seriously,” Davis wrote, a full 10 days after one Jan Zehen thought it was a good idea for children to reimagine one of the worst atrocities in human history. “We are committed to providing an environment of inclusion to our schools.”
The school’s English teacher did not comment on whether or not she would continue with her plan to have the black students reenact a game of Hangman.

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