WATCH: Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Reveals First Model To Wear Hijab, Burkini

The hijab and burkini have officially made their debut in the pages of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit.

In a series of social media posts Monday, the magazine unveiled some of its new swimsuit models, including 21-year-old Somali-American model and activist Halima Aden, whom the publication is touting for "making history" by being the first to ever wear the Islamic garb for SI Swimsuit.
The magazine posted a photograph of Halima on Monday wearing an electric blue burkini, which fully covers her arms and legs, as well as a multi-colored hijab covering her hair — garb designed to conceal women's bodies in alignment with Islamic moral codes.
"Halima Aden makes history as the first model to wear a hijab and burkini for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit," the publication tweeted Monday.
The magazine then retweeted a post by model Hunter McGrady touting the debut of Islam-inspired full-body coverings. "Once again, so proud to be a part of this incredible issue," wrote McGrady.
Sports Illustrated Swimsuit also posted a video of Aden discussing her opportunity to wear Muslim garb for the magazine. "I never really felt represented because I never could flip through a magazine and see a girl who was wearing a hijab," she said in a quote highlighted by the publication.

In a press release, SI Swimsuit editor MJ Day emphasized that by including Aden in this year's publication, the magazine is attempting to present an expanded "range and scope of the type of beauty that exists" and further affirm women's individuality and self-worth.
"Having Halima as a part of SI Swimsuit is yet another example of the range and scope of the type of beauty that exists," said Day, HuffPost reports. "Her participation and inclusion further highlights the brand’s commitment and belief in supporting women to own who they are and what makes them unique and ultimately reaffirms what our messaging has been, that YOU are worthy."
"This feature is proving that a fully covered hijab wearing model can confidently stand alongside a beautiful woman in a revealing bikini and together they can celebrate one another, cheer each other on, and champion each other’s successes," said Aden in a statement. "Young Muslim women need to know that there is a modest swimsuit option available to them so they can join the swim team, participate in swim class at school and go with their friends to the beach. Muslim girls should feel confident taking that step and doing so comfortably while wearing a burkini."
Aden's photoshoot was conducted in Kenya, where, as Page Six highlights, "she was born into a refugee camp and lived until she was seven years old." The magazine features Aden in two different burkinis designed by No Ka’Oi and Cynthia Rowley, the outlet reports.
While the magazine is promoting the modesty-focused attire of Aden, it also continues to promote its more "traditional" swimsuits, like that sported by McGrady. "Hunter McGrady's bride squad knows how to throw a bachelorette weekend!" SI Swimsuit tweeted in a post retweeted by McGrady.
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  1. That isn't a bathing suit. I don't know what it is.

  2. Will Sports Illustrated do a photo spread when Halima Aden is stoned to death?

  3. Why not just throw a black sheet over her and punch a cple slots for eyes? Then you could put Maxine under there and no one would ever know the difference.

  4. This is definitely the DEATH KNELL for Sports Illustrated!!!! No red blooded American MAN will put up with this horseshit....and I repeat HORSESHIT. They want to see WHITE women in skimpy swimwear....not mussie fugly women wearing sheets and towels on their heads. Get a grip SI....GET A GRIP. This pander to the mussies has really gotten out of hand with this crap now. Who's stupid idea was this issue anyway? General shitbag?

  5. It's a cat suit. Probably would drown if you attempted to swim in it but let's be honest, you pretty much see everything, just in blue.

    Whatever, magazines are for simpletons to buy and look at.

  6. An abomination.....that's what it is.

  7. That's funny. I have to say that Sallie Ann pretty much wraps it up in a nice little bundle. HORSESHIT is EXACTLY what it is. I do enjoy seeing pretty white women, in any kind of garb. They are incomparably beautiful and we are in danger of losing that forever. Being white is unique. If you put a gram of Sh!t in a hundred pounds of vanilla ice cream, would you eat it? Mixing is wrong because it destroys US. It is genocide and a betrayal of every ancestor we have. If every white woman had a non-white baby, we'd be extinct in a single generation. We're just spreading it out a little, but the result will be the same.

  8. Sport Illustrated announces a joint award with Gillette. Best marketing move of the year (Darwin awards style).


  10. What the H... are these people even doing in North America?!?

  11. The irony here is that I'm certain it's entirely within the FDA Food Code to have a gram of shit in 100 pounds of ice cream.

    A bunch of idiots are trying to start a world war.. There will be a point we'll have to kill off those idiots. They think political correctness can trump self preservation.

  12. Actually, I think that it looks kind-of cute. (If the top were azure with white trim, the headgear solid azure, and the bottom solid white, then it would sort of resemble a "Virgin Mary" swimsuit.)


    On that note, when was the last time SI showed a "swimsuit" model actually wearing something in which a woman would SWIM? I mean, they're all either topless and covering their breasts with their long hair or their hands, or in some other suggestive (and immodest) pose! And what's the deal with all the RIDICULOUSLY SKIMPY swimwear in which I see girls swimming, these days? Honestly, I'd rather look at a woman wearing NOTHING AT ALL, than wearing THAT!


    The only thing I'd change about the "burkini," is adding "feet" (permanently attached "water socks") to the bottom. That way, instead of an ugly pair of leggings :P, it would resemble the adorable tights that girls, back in the 1980s, wore with leotards when they exercised.
    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  13. Joseph, my friend, I'd follow you all the way to Utah. Keep the faith.


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