Trump Tweets Hilarious Edited Video of Biden that Has Dems Furious

President Donald Trump’s Twitter account is an absolute goldmine.
To be more precise, it’s a salt mine — as in the salty tears of all the Trump haters gathered in the comments section to moan and complain about him. And the president’s latest tweet has them out in full force.
The tweet contains an edited video of Joe Biden getting a little taste of his own medicine.

The caressing hands, the sniffing, Biden sneaking up behind himself — it’s the perfect video. And as of the writing of this article, it has 7.18 million views, less than 12 hours after being posted.
With campaign season nearing its apex, this is a brutal jab at Biden’s quickly crumbling reputation.
The total number of women who have stepped forward and accused the former vice president of misconduct is now at a whopping seven women.
And with the 2020 election cycle only just beginning, we’re virtually guaranteed to see more of these classic Trump tweets in the future.
Although the tweet has over 176,000 likes, not everyone who watched the clip was happy with it.
Am I the only one who thinks this is the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever seen a sitting president of the United States do.
Dear America: This is what the President of the United States not only depicts to you, but the world.
Laugh it up in the oval office while you can. In forty years when my grandchildren are learning about the former presidents, they will only know you as the embarrassing Twitter word-vomit president. That's your legacy. That's how you will be remembered for the rest of eternity.

Haters may not be glad to find out that because of the Presidential Records Act of 1978, all of Trump’s tweets, including this Biden gem, will be saved in the National Archives or another repository for as long as the United States stands, and possibly even longer.
It’s not outside the realm of possibility to think that future civilizations, picking through the bones of what was once America, might stumble upon a data disk containing this gem. 
Regardless of if that happens or not, “Creepy Joe Biden” is now etched into the fabric of our nation’s history thanks to the National Archives and Donald Trump’s penchant for savage tweets.

Hopefully, he’ll keep on pumping these out well into 2020.
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