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Shocking: Illegals Apprehended During Maria Bartiromo Live Report — Say Honduran Officials Told Them They Can Stay in US Once They Cross Border (Video)

Illegals Apprehended During Maria Bartiromo Live Report — Say Authorities Told Them They Can Stay in US Once They Cross Border Maria B...

Illegals Apprehended During Maria Bartiromo Live Report — Say Authorities Told Them They Can Stay in US Once They Cross Border

Maria Bartiromo broadcast her show, Sunday Morning Futures, from the southern US border near El Paso, Texas this weekend.

During her live broadcast a family of illegal aliens crossed over into the US from Mexico. The family from Honduras told Maria Bartiromo they were told in Honduras that they could stay in the US when they crossed the border.

Maria Bartiromo: Did somebody tell you in Honduras that you’d be able to stay and get to Oklahoma if you crossed?
Illegal migrant: Si. A lot of people do.


  1. Honduras wants rid of these people and will tell them that money grows on trees in America literally!!!

  2. are the honduran officials actually u.s. corporations taking the property of immigrants in exchange for promises of citizenship in u.s.? - just curious....

  3. Use the foreign aid money sent to their home nations, to house/feed them in our football stadiums and Vegas hotels, or return them with first class tickets home.
    The US will profit and create jobs with the existing money, we could flood Israel with this trash, like G. Sorros is doing to us now , equal opportunity and tit for tat rats is FAIR PLAY.

    the Mexican border is wide open and has no laws or rules, our unemployed citizens can make a lot of un taxed cash , by simply collecting an entry fee from the aliens flooding in there, they all have some gold or cash on them, just do a strip search at gun point, refusing to pay means a swift kick back to Mexico.
    Volunteers needed now.

  4. FREE Tattoo's and Heroin at the NFL stadiums 24/7 go camp out there, lots of space and free stuff !!!
    what the hell do you think those rich black players are kneeling and praying their THANKS prayers for anyhow!!!
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  6. PS: Once the aliens are stripped naked in the street then it is much simpler to DELOUSE them.
    advertise this in the latino media and the flood may abate?

  7. IF they came to GROW TREES or even pick cotton it would be a good thing.
    IF and perhaps they are just getting set now; but, our street gangs are tougher and better armed that the insurgent aliens SO our street gangs SHOULD BE STRIPPING THE ALIENS NAKED IN THE Streets at the Mexican border, AND TAKING EVERYTHING THEY HAVE CLOTHES ECT.
    It would reduce crime in the Anglo neighborhoods significantly.
    Don't ship Mexicans to Cincinnati ship Cincinnati crips/boods/bandetos ect to TUCSON!!!

  8. ps: when the border patrol the lazy silly bastard catch/relese them
    they should be DELOUSED on the spot ALL of them.

  9. if the border patrol (lazy silly over paid bastards they are) would not just DELOUSE them before release; but also , lazer etch a forehead number (they love face tats now),chip them, sterilize them with radiation (quick, less painless than spay/nuter) then confiscate all cash/valuables, give them yellow vests and an insecticide coated orange jump suit with alien on the back, in the welcome kit , it would be a great leap for mankind!
    and more cost effective/scientific/humain.
    also could be a deterrent with the quick easy radiation sterilization provision ( also kills worm ect),hell the Chinese only allowed one kid?

  10. looks like you got some more ragheads shooting each other today in your area.
    sieks this time.

  11. I'll buy some Greyhound tickets to Tucson any day!!!