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Liberal Florida Congresswoman Claims Protests Against Her Equal “Hate Crimes”

South Florida Congresswoman Debbie Mucarsel Powell claimed that she was a victim of a hate-crime during last Tuesday’s high-profile congr...

South Florida Congresswoman Debbie Mucarsel Powell claimed that she was a victim of a hate-crime during last Tuesday’s high-profile congressional hearing with tech giants on the issue of “hate-speech”, according to Florida Daily and live feeds available during the hearing.

Powell, who was confronted in 2018 at a South Florida joint campaign event with Donna Shalala and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi by a group of Cuban-American activists and conservative groups, asserted that citizens expressing their free-speech rights was an “act of hate.”

This didn’t stop Representative Murcasel Powell from claiming it was a “threatening” and “fearful” experience for her. Powell has never denounced actual violence against conservatives or members of the Trump administration. Likewise, she hasn’t denounced Congresswoman Maxine Water’s call for violent confrontations of conservatives in public.
In her official capacity during the hearing, Powell framed herself as a victim and demanded to know why Facebook or other platforms continue to allow her political opposition to organize on their platforms, calling for hate crime laws both on and offline to be “enhanced.”
Moving past the ridiculousness of a sitting member of Congress claiming that her political opponents speaking out against her constitutes a hate-crime that should be punishable by both law enforcement and tech companies, we have to wonder if Powell even understands what it means to be an American or the core basis of freedom of speech and assembly in this nation.
Video footage of her giving a speech inside the event space several months ago during the mid-term elections show her completely composed and bright-faced, contradicting her statements earlier this week claiming it was a “threatening” and “fearful” experience for her. The Miami Herald posted the footage in an article hilariously claiming that the protests organized outside Murcasel-Powell’s event was anti-free speech.
She also claimed during the hearing that the protests against her, organized and attended by mainly conservative Cuban activists and other pro-Trump Hispanic South Florida residents, represented how White Nationalism was a “threat to South Florida.”
Yeah… a group of Hispanic people who have actually experienced Communism is TOTALLY a symbol of White Nationalism.
This is part of the latest move by Democrats to get opposing speech banned as hate speech or racism.  This is a dangerous new tactic by the American left.


  1. liberal is just another name for communist.

  2. How to avoid behave like an caveman, when confronting POS anywhere and specaly in politics, in it are some basic rules, JoeSix pack, whom have an ability to pump them self up in an hart beat, and waive with whatever at hand, stupid creeps, anywhere.
    Uber alles, be an gentleman or an lady, I like it when women can punch back, but they are rear breeds this days, and it have zero to do with race, it have to do with been an noble human.

    Nothing is better than chrushing their arguments, and to do that, you have to be certain you indeed have an idea of what you actually talk about, in case you encounter not so dumb scums, they are there to, and when you follow an debate and when you know its derailing, and you instingtivly know what to argument against, lets say Banking/FeD, its simple when you know the basics, its private, and thats all, no matter how you semantically, or by rethoric virtues whom would make my eyes misty, would alter jack shit, the facts remains, its private, not or by now way, state or public, thats where the counter argument lies, the gap, so to speak, between having an nation whom can psosper and use the nations own bank to found issues as health care and education to power suply, and infrastructure.
    North Dacota is an ex.
    And never forget this in this economic times of bumpy roads, there are countrys whom is managing, there are thousands of smal banks etc whom is managing, there are rising econimics of course fluctuation mainly because of the Imperial banana republics economic cluster f.... of biblical proportions and I am not joking but when I say, crash, its not the eqvivalent of dropping an vase down on the tarmac, morons, its more like and airplain, disintigraing, bit by bit, nail by nail and soner or later it harms the structure, the thing with the UssA, is that the entire system is crashed from within, and the latest stunts by Trump about by backs should make the hairs in the back of your nack stand, do you understand.

    And, as any worrier knows, forberance, self-disiplin, knowledge, and then, timing, timing is everyting.

    The thing is, the oponents may not even know about, alternatives, one thing you must never forget, there are always alternatives, its about will power, noothing else, yup, I cant even talk about free will, because you know almost nothing and on top of it, scared shitless because of it, because, it leads to consequences, there is no such thing as not having any consequencess, doing nothing have consequences, do you understand, what little I know of real freedom thru the untilizing of the power of free will, is so wast I scares even me, yup, I know just this much, that I have an certain idea of what it is and what comes, and can do things in it, and here is another truth, the power of words, and I am not even joking, I know how it works, do you.
    I can even point to Jesus teachings and you stil dont get it, even Muhammad did know, but you dont see it at all, do you, I doubt it to be honest, and it comes mainly from ignorance and arogance.

    The only thing to fear, isnt death in it self, but fear, raw dripping fear, because its an ilution, its the begining, when you know, because its an difference between knowing and beliving, its an abysmal difference, when you know the begining and the end, alpha and omega, you know what you need to know, then its easy, be the light.
    The real deal, the creatore of everything, since its the only thing that can create life, the power of love.


  3. There is no such thing as illegal "hate speech". She has a right not to like what someone says, they doesn't mean she has a right to shut them up. She should move to Red China.

  4. For those paying attention, she needs to thank "Mad" Maxine Waters for being publicly opposed by citizens. Leftist/Liberal Democrats aren't the only ones allowed to do this.

  5. She'd turn to stone if she told the truth!!!!