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'I been killing his kind': Man arrested for racist rant caught on video towards 'Arab' AT&T employee

A customer inside an AT&T store in Texas went on a racist rant on Tuesday against an employee, calling him “a f***ing Arab” and braggi...

A customer inside an AT&T store in Texas went on a racist rant on Tuesday against an employee, calling him “a f***ing Arab” and bragging about “killing his kind” — all while a fellow customer filmed the scene, called the police and had the man arrested. 
Viral video of the violent outburst begins as the customer — identified on Twitter as Joey Christian of Friendswood, a town southeast of Houston — grows impatient with the employee, known only as Mo.
“What’s your name? Mo? What the f*** kind of name is that?” Christian asks the employee, before insisting he disclose his “actual real name,” to which Mo replies, “Mohammed.”
The employee’s response sends Christian into a rage, as he calls out, “God d*** f***ing Arabs” and storms off toward the door. That’s when the woman filming the altercation tries to interrupt his diatribe — and becomes his second target. “You know, I really don’t care what some b**** has to say,” he barks at her.

Shoutout to the lady that recorded this, called the cops on this man and got him arrested.

The unidentified woman had already called the police on Christian, and appears to be stalling and giving officers time to get there as she engages Christian, calling him out on his behavior. That’s when he launches into a new rant, this time about having “killed [Mo’s] kind” for six months — which he later changes to two years and then 20 years “on five different continents,” implying he’d served in the military overseas.
“I really don’t give a d*** about some little peon Arab who actually doesn’t even belong here,” Christian said. “People like this are the reason our country is going to what is going to. ‘Cause I been killing his kind for longer than you’ve probably been alive.”
The woman placates the exacerbated Christian until the customer starts slurring his words, and it seems apparent that he’s under the influence. A little over a minute into the filmed rant, the woman announces she’s called the police, to which Christian replies, “That’s fine.” Just then, an officer arrives and intercepts Christian on his way out the door.
After viewing the video the woman had just shot to get the full picture, police arrested Christian and charged him with public intoxication and disorderly conduct as well as abusive language, according to Insider. Yahoo Lifestyle has reached out to Mo for more details, but in an interview with Insider, he said Christian had burst into the AT&T store “angry and yelling” and proceeded to step in front of another customer in line. 

A man identified by police as Joey Christian verbally attacked an employee at a Friendstown, Texas AT&T store in a racist tirade caught on video. (Photo: Courtesy of Twitter/@Mohamburger)

But things got worse after Mo announced he couldn’t run Christian’s nephew’s credit card through without a state-issued license. That, apparently, is what made Christian go ballistic. But Mo said he tried to remain “as calm as could be,” letting the customer get it out of his system.
“I was definitely offended and angry that I got singled out because of my race,” Mo told Insider. “He definitely came in to pick a fight from the very beginning and I had never seen this man before.”
He said he was thankful the woman had filmed the scene and felt that without her presence, Christian “may have done worse.”
Mo cautions anyone in a similar situation to “never stoop down to the level of the aggressor and just stay strong and confident in your beliefs without showing emotion.”

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