‘Horrible’: Famous Actor Portraying Jesus Demands Key Change in Miracle Scene

Hollywood liberal Joaquin Phoenix took on the role of Jesus in the new film “Mary Magdalene,” but he refused to portray one of the miracles Jesus performed as it’s described in the Bible.
In a scene from the Gospel of John, Jesus healed a man who had been blind since birth — Jesus used some dirt and his own saliva to make mud, which he rubbed on the blind man’s eyes.
After the blind man washed the mud out of his eyes, he was able to see.
Despite it being one of the best-known miracles in the Bible, Phoenix believed his method of curing the blind was better than the biblical account.
“I knew about that scene from the Bible, but I guess I had never really considered it,” Phoenix told CNN.
“When I got there, I thought: ‘I’m not going to rub dirt in her eyes. Who the f— would do that? It doesn’t make any sense. That is a horrible introduction to seeing.'”
After insulting the original miracle as it’s written in the Bible, Phoenix took it upon himself to offer his own explanation of the passage and belittle the importance of what Gospel says actually happened.
“That moment is not so much about a real miracle. It’s about someone who has been dismissed by society finally being seen, embraced and encouraged to join the broader community. To me, that is a miracle,” Phoenix told CNN.
Phoenix can feel however he wants about that passage, but an actor’s job is to act as someone else, and he refused to portray the scene at it was described in the Bible.
If Phoenix didn’t want to offer a biblical portrayal of Jesus, he shouldn’t have taken the role.
Especially when it comes to historical and religious figures, actors can’t pick and choose what parts they want to portray accurately.

But this isn’t the only big artistic liberty taken in this case. The “blind man” in this scene is portrayed by a woman instead.

“It’s a blind man in the Bible, a blind woman in the film,” CNN reported.
Why wouldn’t the filmmakers and director want to cast a man to play the “blind man”? The answer probably has something to do with political correctness of feminism.
After all, the movie “Mary Magdalene” is meant to be a “feminist” retelling of the Gospels.
As CNN put it: “The filmmakers’ aim was to ‘rescue’ the title character, telling Jesus’ story from a feminine (and feminist) point of view.”
The blatant inaccuracies and artistic liberties taken in this film will understandably turn off some Christians, who expect a faithful and honest portrayal of the Gospels.
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  1. U couldn't tell the truth about Christianity if u tried Hollywood 🎶


  2. zioNUTs who did 911 and are ISIS run Hollywierd. Unless you listen to shill Alex Jones who will tell you its the Arabs. What a world.

  3. Great idea....but sorry I don't think he's a hard core druggie.

  4. The emperor Vespasian cured a blind man with spit, so I suppose Jesus could have done it as well.

  5. Just because he thought he was GOD....I think it literally went to his head. Most Hollyweird folks think they ARE GOD...so what's the difference....they get paid big bucks to be azzholes!!!!

  6. How can you get the Facts right about a Fictional charactor ?

  7. Now that's a spitting ^story I haven't heard of before😏Vespasian is also known in Eckankar, the Religion of Light & Sound, as being the executioner of ECK Master Priscus, the philosopher/senator, for this according to another ECK Master Epictetus:

    "When Vespasian sent for Helvidius Priscus and commanded him not to go into the senate, he replied, "It is in your power not to allow me to be a member of the senate, but so long as I am, I must go in." "Well, go in then," says the emperor, "but say nothing." "Do not ask my opinion, and I will be silent." "But I must ask your opinion." "And I must say what I think right." "But if you do, I shall put you to death." "When then did I tell you that I am immortal? You will do your part, and I will do mine: it is your part to kill; it is mine to die, but not in fear: yours to banish me; mine to depart without sorrow." Epictetus, Discourses, 1.2.19-21"


  8. Two thousand years ago before the age of international travel a man from the Middle East would have dark hair and beard with olive skin and brown eyes. He wouldn't have blond hair and blue eyes and would look more like Osama bin Laden than George Bush. Portraying Jesus as white denies him his proper racial roots.

  9. All the bible stories are accounts from somewhere or someone else.
    Put together in Nicaea and thereafter called 'Divine Truth'


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