Coca-Cola billionaire is forced to pay $11MILLION for sexually harassing an ex-employee after a dramatic trial where he offered his wallet to her lawyers, was thrown out of court and called her 'disgusting'

The Greek Coca-Cola billionaire entrepreneur has been ordered to pay $11 million in a sexual assault trial.
Alkiviades 'Alki' David, whose family business is the Leventis-David group which owns the Coca-Cola Hellenic bottling plants, was sued by former employee Chasity Jones, a 42-year-old single mom from California, who claims she was fired for refusing his sexual advances. 
On Friday, a California jury awarded Jones $3.1 million in compensatory damages and a further $8 million in punitive damages for committing sexual battery.
The $11 million total is one of the biggest payouts from a sexual harassment suit, according to Jones' attorney Lisa Bloom. 
David has said the sum is ridiculous and insists he will not pay. 
David is also a founder of online TV provider FilmOn.TV and Hologram USA which is known for providing holograms at festivals. He also has a business selling oil extracted from cannabis plants, which he markets as a treatment for a range of conditions – with the endorsement of celebrities including rapper Snoop Dogg and fashion designer Donatella Versace. 
The dramatic two-week trial included heating exchanges from both sides, with each legal team trying to tarnish the reputation of the other with Instagram photos, social media posts and lurid allegations.
The proceedings were littered with heated outbursts from David, 50, who called Jones 'abhorrent', said she should 'do something with her life' and even got down on his knees and offered her attorneys his wallet. 
David was accused of groping Jones by running his hands up her legs under the pretense of offering sympathy for the loss of her mother, and among a slew of other allegations, terminating her employment when she would not have sex with him.
Billionaire Alki David has been ordered to pay $11million to a former employee who accused him of sexual harassment
Chasity Jones sued David, claiming he fired her when she turned him down for sex. This photo was entered into evidence, and provided to, to show that Jones wasn't suffering from PTSD, but it was denied
Billionaire entrepreneur Alki David (left), whose hologram technology was used in a series of money-spinning music festival sets has been ordered to pay Chasity Jones (right) $11 million in a sexual assault trial. The photo on the right was entered into evidence, and provided to, to show that Jones wasn't suffering from PTSD, but it was denied  by the judge  
David's defense attempted to dispute Jones' claims, suggesting the lawsuit was an opportunistic bid to exact money from the Greek billionaire. 
Jones alleged the incidents left her suffering from PTSD, however David's defense tried to submit a series of Instagram photos showing her enjoying a lavish lifestyle at around the time of the trial.
However, under Californian law, evidence that would impeach the credibility of the accuser, such as sexually proactive images, are prohibited.
The photos were not entered into evidence as a result. 
The images, obtained exclusively by the, show Jones appearing to enjoy a jet-set lifestyle and mingling among stars - in one instance she posed with world famous boxer Floyd 'Money' Mayweather at a Bel Air function.  
A source with close legal knowledge of the case told 'In California, you can't enter evidence to impeach the credibility of the accuser.
'No sexually provocative photos she may have posted, no anecdotes about flirtatious behavior or lewd comments she may have made about her night time activities.
'Meanwhile, you can use character evidence against the accused - even, as in this case, a parade of people who have their own suits against the defendant and have a financial interest in seeing him lose.'
The source added, in reference to her PTSD: 'Ms Jones was collecting disability from the State of California for what her doctor called PTSD related to her allegations - even while she posted elaborately posed bikini photos from Cabo and Cancun and leased a Maserati.'
Jones' attorney, Lisa Bloom told 'She wasn’t “traveling the world,” merely to nearby places like Palm Springs or Mexico on short trips of a few days each with her family. That was the undisputed testimony.
'Women with PTSD still work, take trips, see friends, and do their best. They also suffer from insomnia, hyper vigilance, anxiety and stress, and get triggered by their abuser.
'We won $11 million because the jury found she had been sexually assaulted three times by Alki David, and his companies knew about the hostile environment and failed to stop him.  
Bloom also said that many of David's former employees said he made them follow him on Instagram.
'What a desperate ploy by a man who was just hit with one of the biggest sexual harassment verdicts in history,' she added.
During the stormy trial, David in one instance shouted: 'You are a… liar, you are disgusting,' from his seat in the gallery before storming out of the courtroom during Bloom's presentation of evidence.
The outburst came immediately after Bloom announced that her client would be seeking $10million in damages.
In David’s wake, Bloom warned the jury they had just captured a glimpse of the Greek’s unpredictable temperament.
Ongkeko remained unmoved by the exchange and offered no comment about the defendant’s actions. 
Ellyn Garofalo, David’s attorney, said that Jones only made allegations against the business mogul after she was fired from positions at two of his companies.
Before that, Garofalo claimed that Jones always spoke very highly of her employer, regularly telling associates that she loved her job working in a ‘wild and outrageous place’, where sexual innuendo wasn’t uncommon.
She also said David brought a male stripper into the workplace to celebrate the birthday of one of his executives. She said she found the stripper’s appearance offensive and considered it sexual harassment. 
Along with another former sales accountant, Jones first filed a lawsuit against David in February 2017, claiming she was ousted from the companies for ‘refusing to have sex’ with him.
During the hearing, Bloom detailed a series of alleged instances in which David was deemed to have acted inappropriately towards Jones, making her feel uncomfortable.
Shortly after assuming her sales position in January 2015, Jones claimed that David came up behind her, placed his hands on her shoulders and told her to follow him on Instagram.
The single mother says she pulled away and said no, but apparently David repeated the interaction several days later. 
Bloom showed the jury one of David's alleged Instagram postings containing a photo depicting Caitlyn Jenner with a stunned look on her face with a caption that read, ‘When you play with your vagina for the first time.’
She also displayed three others photos including one of David with his fingers over a woman's breast, another of him wearing shorts that read 'f*** off' and another with contents too explicit for to publish. 
As Bloom went on to describe another instance in which her client voiced discomfort, regarding a male stripper dressed as a policeman hired to come to the office, David was heard laughing as Bloom referred to Jones as a ‘Christian woman’. 
Also among the slew of allegations, was one encounter shortly after Jones’ mother died, in October 2015. She said David pretended to be sympathetic at first, but during a meeting regarding her mother’s passing, the CEO allegedly ran his hands up her legs.
He is said to have later ordered her to watch the adult video ‘Two Girls, One Cup’ on her computer, which left Jones feeling ‘demeaned’, Bloom claimed.
Jones was then fired in November 2016.
‘This is a case about a sexual predator running loose in a company he controlled,’ Bloom told the courtroom. ‘She [Jones] was fired because she refused to have sex with him.’
Jones was the first witness called in the trial. The additional sexual harassment lawsuit, filed by Jones’ co-worker, Elizabeth Taylor, will be tried at a later date.
Coca-Cola billionaire is forced to pay $11MILLION for sexually harassing an ex-employee after a dramatic trial where he offered his wallet to her lawyers, was thrown out of court and called her 'disgusting' Coca-Cola billionaire is forced to pay $11MILLION for sexually harassing an ex-employee after a dramatic trial where he offered his wallet to her lawyers, was thrown out of court and called her 'disgusting' Reviewed by STATION GOSSIP on 08:50 Rating: 5


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