WOMEN’S RIGHTS? Man Forced To Allow Ex To Use Sperm To Get Pregnant - And Then Pay Child Support

For all we hear about women supposedly not having equal rights to men, it sure seems that in some cases, women have more rights than men.

Case in point: An Arizona court recently ruled that a woman wanting to use her ex-husband’s saved sperm to become pregnant “outweigh[ed]” the man’s desire not to become a father. Due to this court ruling, the man could also be liable for 18 years of child support.
In 2014, Ruby Torres was diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer. She was told that after chemotherapy she likely wouldn’t be able to become pregnant. She and her then-boyfriend John Terrell decided to preserve some embryos so that she might one day be able to become a mother.
The couple would eventually marry but then divorced, according to the Arizona Republic. During the divorce, Terrell wanted to make sure Torres couldn’t use the embryos to become pregnant. He brought his case to the Maricopa County Superior Court, who ruled the embryos should go to a third party. Torres appealed, and received a win on March 14.
“The trial court erred when it placed heavy weight on the parties’ inability to 'co-parent,'" Judge Jennifer B. Campbell wrote in a 2-1 decision overturning the lower court’s finding. "Nothing in the record suggests that either of them expected or intended to co-parent any offspring derived from the embryos."
Terrell, it turns out, originally declined to donate his sperm for the embryos, but changed his mind when Torres suggested she would use an ex-boyfriend’s sperm instead. The court ruled that the couple only agreed to preserve the embryos because of the potential for Torres to be unable to conceive in the future, not for the two to co-parent at some point.
In her dissenting opinion, Judge Maria Elena Cruz wrote that Torres and Terrell signed a contract when they preserved the embryos that both parents would have to provide “express, written consent” for the embryos to be used. Torres even testified acknowledging that “we did sign a contract and we agreed to these provisions.”
The court has now ignored that contract, according to Judge Cruz.
“Do contracts matter? I believe they do,” Cruz wrote. “Therefore, because the contract of these parties explicitly prohibits the outcome reached by the majority, and because it is outside our purview to reweigh the evidence, I would affirm the trial court’s judgment, or, in the alternative, remand the matter to the trial court for a new weighing of the parties’ interests.”
The Arizona Republic reports that this case caused state legislators to pass a law last year that would free further individuals in similar situations from being responsible for children conceived against their will. The Republican describes the bill as requiring “that viable embryos from a divorced couple be awarded to the parent who will allow a child to be born” but “also states the other parent has no rights or obligations.”
This, of course, won’t help Terrell, who will likely be on the hook for child support should Torres use the embryos.
WOMEN’S RIGHTS? Man Forced To Allow Ex To Use Sperm To Get Pregnant - And Then Pay Child Support WOMEN’S RIGHTS? Man Forced To Allow Ex To Use Sperm To Get Pregnant - And Then Pay Child Support Reviewed by STATION GOSSIP on 10:51 Rating: 5


  1. There is nothing like blind justice.

  2. Welcome to the party, pal! (says all divorced dads who don't get to raise their kids but do get to pay their bills)
    Next life consider chemical castration and a good fishing club in lieu of marriage.

  3. Then dont make "frozen" future plans, let nature take its course ...as it should


  5. ...and women wonder why their ex-husbands couldn't care less if they died in a horrific plane crash? If it were not for my children, I would have hoped that my ex-wife would be kidnapped, raped and brutalized..and then left sitting in a wheel chair for the rest of her miserable life, slowly looking out the window...pissing and crapping herself as she ponders the evil that was her life. Thankfully, I have a couple of great kids, that I never contaminated with my hatred of that c u n t...and I have grown past such hatred. (I deserve an Academy Award!). But if she was to die in a horrific car accident, I wouldn't shed a tear.
    RJ O'Guillory

  6. ok. then, if a woman gets an abortion without the consent of the man who's sperm is used, let her pay damages equal to 18 years child support to him.


  7. Don't marry, dont sign contracts with women, do nothing with them that can be used against men. Women may not have been born A-holes, the courts created them.


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