‘What a load of crap’: Brit Hume is not buying Joe Biden’s late apology to Anita Hill

Joe Biden was in New York Tuesday night for an It’s On Us event, and he shared his regrets about how Anita Hill was treated during the Clarence Thomas hearings, but, you know, it was a time of white men doing white man things and now that he’s woke he’d do it all differently.
Brit Hume wasn’t having any of that.
What a load of crap. He was the chairman and members got to ask the questions they wanted to ask, as is Senate custom. They were testing her credibility after she made potentially devastating, questionable allegations against a Supreme Court nominee.

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But this was before the whole “Believe Women” thing became a hashtag — it was even before hashtags.

We honestly don’t think Biden even understands the Internet and just how much video of him from back in the day is going to be posted and reposted and forwarded and set to music.
I wonder if it’s too late to revise and extend his remarks in the 1991 Congressional Record...
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Biden started many of the horrible practices in the Senate than have now snowballed out of control. He killed decorum.
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He regrets he couldn’t get Thomas torpedoed. Every single senator in that hearing was able to ask every single question they wanted. And @JoeBiden knows it. Period.
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It happened with Bork,Thomas, and Kavanaugh and the same people tried to do the same unAmerican thing to the President of the United States. I agree with @LindseyGrahamSC, they should never be allowed to have power again
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He’s trying to clear up all possible political snags from his long tenure as a Senator before he steps into the race. (Anything that can be used against him )
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Biden’s apologized for being male, white, over 50, etc. Soon, he might apologize for breathing and taking up space. He’s such a phony.
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Damn, he just keeps apologizing for everything. Im hoping that he will apologize for the Obama presidency at some point!!!!
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And now he’s without his supposed ringer of a running mate and isn’t planning to announce until late April? Get in the game, Joe!
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  1. Joe sez, "old, white males are the problem with America!"
    "Now... now get out there and vote for ME!"


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