‘Game Of Thrones’ Star Lena Headey Praises Ocasio-Cortez For Fighting Climate Change. Social Media Roasts Her.

It turns out "Game of Thrones" ("GOT") actress Lena Headey is a big fan of freshman congressoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). According to Fox News, she received some serious backlash on social media for praising the freshman congresswoman for her wonderful leadership skills on fighting climate change.

"Who should run the world … YOU." Headey wrote on Instagram. "Brilliant, vocal, fearless, bold and Inspirational women. I f***ing love you and am side by side with every word."
The Instagram post included a video of Occasio-Cortez defending the "Green New Deal" against a GOP lawmaker who called it "elitist." The incident followed a feud she had with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell over his decision to bring a vote on the "Green New Deal" to the Senate floor. The freshman congresswoman accused him of rushing the bill as a means to humiliate her — and not to save the planet.
"What McConnell’s doing is that he’s trying to rush this bill to the floor without a hearing... without working through committee — because he doesn’t want to save our planet. Because he thinks we can drink oil in 30 years when all our water is poisoned," Ocasio-Cortez told Vox reporter Ella Nilsen.
Mitch McConnell later fired back in a separate tweet that he "could not be more glad" to expose the "Green New Deal" for the socialist farce that it is. "I could not be more glad that the American people will have the opportunity to learn precisely where each one of their senators stand on the 'Green New Deal': a radical, top-down, socialist makeover of the entire U.S. economy," he wrote.
Immediately after Headey posted her praise of Ocasio-Cortez, online trolls roasted her with some rather insightful comments about how Ocasio-Cortez has poisoned the political well.
"The issue isn’t about what she says in a video painstakingly designed to dupe even more people," said one Instagram user. "The issue is in the fact that she has NO clue, NO training, NO experience. She professes to have real knowledge but (and aside from reading a few brochures), she has done little to zero research on the numerous scientific studies regarding global warming!"
Another user said, "While TRYING to compare global warming to World War 2, this mindless moron [Ocasio-Cortez] stated: 'So we talk about existential threats, the last time we had a really major existential threat to this country was around World War II, and so we’ve been here before and we have a blueprint of doing this before.'"
Others were more jocular: "Why do we care what the Incest Queen thinks! She's not even American! She's British and should worry about her f***ed up Brexit!"
Following the onslaught of backlash, Headey posted a video message of her own in which she said that she gives "a f**k" about the future of the planet.
"I just want to say, when I post my views, I don’t really think of myself as being highly political, I just see myself as a human being and I care about the climate," she says in the video. "I care about the climate, I care about my children and their future, I care about my friends and their children and their future, I care about the crisis going on all over the world, the humanitarian crisis."
"I give a f*** and if that offends you, or you think actors have no place in the world to have an opinion… f*** off, and unfollow me... And I shall not weep."

‘Game Of Thrones’ Star Lena Headey Praises Ocasio-Cortez For Fighting Climate Change. Social Media Roasts Her. ‘Game Of Thrones’ Star Lena Headey Praises Ocasio-Cortez For Fighting Climate Change. Social Media Roasts Her. Reviewed by STATION GOSSIP on 11:15 Rating: 5


  1. now that her acting gig on got is over, she's still got to pay the bills, viola, a new acting gig, just regurgitate whatever george soros pays you to say!

  2. Man she's crazy and delusional even real life too? WOW..... And I thought that character she was playing Cersei Lannister in Game Of Thrones was the crazy, this lady is actually nuts for real! lol

  3. Yeah, when I think the world's coming to an end or I need expert advice on matters of life and death, I ask an ex-bartender and an actress. Works every time. Now that I think about it, who cares what they think?

  4. She graduated cum laude from Boston University's College of Arts and Sciences in 2011, majoring in international relations and economics ---- and then was only qualified to work in a BAR for FOUR years because today's college degrees are as worthless as WET BAR NAPKINS. ..... How did she pay her student loans working in a BAR?
    By the way, How much student debt does this "poor, oppressed, ghetto girl" have? None EH? Where did she get the money? CUM LAUDE and the only job she can get is in a BAR?!
    "Cash me outside" Ocasio
    She is as "ghettoe" as Westchester County. Never lived in the "ghettoe"
    Again, Ocasio-Cortez is not a “girl from the Bronx.”
    She actually grew up in a wealthy suburb in Westchester county.

  5. With 4 out of 5 Bachelor degrees being BA and handed out like candy, another 25% of BS are completely based on arts accredited classes (ie Cornell ILR 'school'). So ya, to say my BS is perceived as worthless, is not a stretch. The entire system has been turned on it's head by Judiciary arts degree holders. Matrimony, brought in the matriarch by divorce (BAR's goldmine). Compulsory education systems sealed the deal, as the enFORCEment of Title IX brought with it a majority of 'teaching' graduates walking the stage holding a 3.8GPA BA. As the BAR criminalized sex, with punishments beyond that of murder, men avoided teaching in the local communities. Practically all journalist have a BA, and we know how in the tank they are for socialism. Economist have gone so far as to state the U.S. government controls just under half the entire economy, compulsory education alone being just over 17%. And I don't even think the write up included insurance/bank subsidies, such as construction inspections/permits, skilled trade licensing/regulation, and traffic enFORCEment by Judiciary arts degree holding BAR members.

    Government, as a whole, has become one big arts degree subsidy.
    Female and want to be a doctor or nurse, but need financial assistance? Well, your going to want to stop by the post office and register for selective service (draft). Judiciary arts degree holders are making scientist subservient to the state in many more levels than just taxes, and it gets worse by the day. So don't exclusively blame 'the left', because while they may have the majority of arts degrees, the majority of representatives on 'the right' hold the same accreditation.

  6. Actors are FAKE people.
    Actors train and practice manipulating other people. Actors are professional sociopaths, Judas Goats whose economic survival is based on their ability to make you believe lies.For entertainment and fictional story telling that is fine, but not for your Real Life decisions.
    Actors train and practice crying, and every other human emotion to deliberately deceive and trick you, their audiance.
    Actor's centuries long reputations as promiscuous libertines is documented and atested to by tabloids and the media every day.
    Why would anyone except those with low self-esteem follow the life advice of professional frauds?
    We have the staged spectacle of all these "feminists" who yesterday were barely covered in translucent if not transparent scraps of cloth now parading their virginity and shocked outrage that any man DARED "get ideas".
    Prior to Amricans living vicariously through "PEOPLE", "National Enquirer" and other rags .... actors were known as the shallow fakes they are.

  7. Whenever they start looking rough, they also start talking sh1t3.

  8. They actually have the same job- they're both actresses pretending to be megalomaniacs, but they're both just reading from scripts someone else wrote for them


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