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  1. Sure, cartoon man, let's allow the whole destitute world to swarm in, unchecked, unbridled, to partake of AOC's "free" healthcare, "free" higher education, "free" housing, "free" food, and best of all, "free" paychecks to those that can't, or WON'T work.

    And let the super rich pay for it all, right cartoon man? Sounds like a plan. What could possibly go wrong?

    Oopsie, Socialist-leaning Finland, you know, the nation handing out all that "free" stuff, that nation that Bernie loves to point to for its superb and "free" heath care, yeah that place... well they just disbanded the entire government because the "free" stuff just bankrupted them. Oh well, that can't possibly happen here, we are waaaay smarter than those Finns, and those Cubans, and those Soviets, and those Venezuelans...

  2. Almost all mass shootings are fake. Like Sandy Hook, Parkland, Orlando, Pittsburg, Las Vegas etc. And now probably New Zealand. Only a fool would trust any government.

    We must ban all immigration permanently. When my people came here legally through Ellis Island the world population was under 2 billion and now it's over 7 and climbing. And there was no welfare. We must stop the NWO fantasy plot to create a one world ultra oppressive government by erasing borders and national identity. A wall is bad for the environment. It's better to bring home all overseas troops from over 1000 overseas bases and station them on the border with orders to shoot to kill. The U.S. Military should be guarding the border not protecting the interests of the so called elite.

  3. White Supremacist, as in Jew, white supremacist. Jews, the other white people, owned and run by the Rothschild Banking Family, the real terrorist in all the world.
    What is coming our way is so frightening, so terrible, no Cartoonist or Hollywood Movie Producer dares to even attempt to show us, the future. The real future, we and our children will not survive.
    A Communist bullet in the back of the head, a dream, compared to what they have in store for us; the USSR, a dream land.
    The idea of banning guns from all the citizens is taking too much time, Martial Law, an all-out Civil War, will help move things along. Start it off with Race, move on to Religion, then to Political, which is where we are now.
    A way to understand the future we will have to live is to know the movie Terminator, only it is not machines doing the killing, it is humans beings killing each other. A Depression, the end of Social Security, a season or two when the Farms are not planted, the Animals we eat all used up, Starvation, a time when the Water is not treated, the Store shelves empty, so it comes down to the last person standing.
    What the Irish, the Germans, the Russians, the people in all the lands Rothschild's armies have invaded, what the Africans and Indians today suffer, no water, no food, no way to end the misery except to die. As the filthy rich high up on the hills, watch, the torment drive humans insane, so they murder each other and eat, the flesh of their neighbor.
    What I can understand, what I can write is nothing compared to what is coming, no human has been able to understand the horror of the past, men and women, children, the soles tore off their feet, acid bathes, the barrels of rifles rammed up their butts, the horror capable human mind going to any length to make life more and more, terrible, for each other.
    All the while the real cause of all the terror is above it all, their children protected by armies of men and women, their wealth, hidden, so they never do get a taste of their own medicine, as we wilt under the horror that awaits us, crying to some make believe gods, they invented to fool us, some make believe gods to save us, as the laughter from the hills drowns out our screams, of terror.
    This future is nothing new, is long overdue, I mean, humans are aborting babies at birth, today, taking their blood and organs to use, so some other filthy rich human might get a bit more of the good life. So, you tell me, how far from 'Soylent Green' is that?
    What is coming is horrible for sure, the worst of it is, we are helpless to stop it or even slow it down. A few million men and women subjecting all the living world to horror like we refuse to even imagine, and there is nothing the billions of us can do to stop it. Because, the killers come with the Uniforms, the Armored Vehicles, with Badges and Guns, with Bombs and Lasers, Frequency Machines, DEWs, that burn us or drive us insane, AND, we can't stop them!
    Picking, us off one family, one house, one community, until it evolves to one race, one religion, one political kind, at a time. Telling the world on their Networks that those few had it coming, there will be no more, but the next day it is another family, another house, another community, invaded, burned down, flooded, starved to death. Until the horror of their plans evolution, has killed us all.
    Picking us off, one at a time, until, we are nothing, playing one against the other until we are confused, covering up our blood like a cat covering up its poop, until, we are no more.
    Even if we have guns, we cannot stop them, who are the real -Terrorist…


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