American tourist bashed and taunted in 'terrifying' random attack in Australia

An American tourist has required emergency surgery to stop bleeding on his brain after he was bashed in a terrifying attack near a tram stop in Melbourne's north. 
Police released security camera footage showing the 32-year-old victim, who was beaten unconscious twice as he walked away from a tram near the intersection of Bell Street and Plenty Road in Preston, about 11:20pm on Wednesday.
The assault was thought to be a random attack, with police describing it as "terrifying" and the worst assault they have seen.
"He strikes him to the point he's unconscious, hovers over him and appears to taunt him," Detective Senior Constable Matthew Coleiro said.
"Once he regains consciousness he again continues the assault until he's unconscious again, hovers over him again, then leaves him in the middle of the road unconscious."
The 32-year-old eventually regained consciousness and walked towards a main road for help, where he was found by a passer-by almost half an hour after the attack happened.
"It appears to be unmotivated at this point, the victim is seen quite clearly stepping off a tram walking on his own, this unknown male runs up to him and we don't know why at this point," Senior Constable Coleiro said.
"The vision is very confronting, we're only releasing parts of it."
The victim, a travelling musician visiting Melbourne, has required two surgeries since the attack to stop the bleeding on his brain, as well as for a broken jaw.
He was due to fly home on Saturday after spending six weeks in Australia.
"His family have been notified overseas, he's got no other real support network here in this country," Senior Constable Coleiro said.
"He wants to get back home to find some comfort and support.
"The victim is unfortunately suffering some serious memory loss as a result of the assault, so he can barely recall the incident occurring."
Police said they were relying on the CCTV and witnesses coming forward to identify the offender.
The assailant is described as slim, aged in his early 30s, balding with dark hair and a dark beard.
He was wearing a t-shirt with a white motif along the front, knee-length cargo shorts and a big backpack.
"Hopefully we can find out who this person is and he'll get some reassurance and some comfort in that," Senior Constable Coleiro said.
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  2. he needed his pistol for self protection,the stupid aussies are nuts,stay away, from this nasty place.
    watch the movie "Charlies Country" and stay away from this commie ass place.

  3. What can you expect from a nation descended from pickpockets and whores?.

  4. I've traveled all over and some of the shadier places are the most fun.
    A simple good hefty padlock tied to a bandana is an amazing substitute in gun strict places

  5. Being sober at noon can cost one their citizenship in Aussiestrailia. Is that a Hostess Twinkie in your pants or are you just happy to see me?

  6. For the most part they're not though . Only on forums do I find people that think they are that rare genius that figured out their being lied to. And everyone else is just a rube

  7. It's not the American citizen's fault for their ignorance. They are nice people, blame the brain washing poor education system, propaganda media on over drive and a government constantly lying to them.

  8. maybe karate or judo , or travel in groups like the Japanese.
    some really nasty places have armed guards for hire, travel has become dangerous for Americans these days with nobody to watch your back, a Canadian passport is safer , never go to the US embasy abrouad at need they will turn you over to the local mob.
    ps: every little Mexican girl has a razor or sharp knife for self defense.

  9. I've been all over by myself and have heard that crap my whole life. And it's never panned out that way. It's definitely mostly boogada boogada I've been through Cuba Jordan and Syria before we sent mercenaries in and got treated extremely well even with our governments long interference there. Then again I don't go to usually tourist joints where more oblivious people are targeted the same as here. Im from Philly and we're a high crime big tourist place that a lot perceive as dangerous and it really isn't at all unless you are completely understand street wise and really lost in the wrong neighborhood

  10. good luck.
    which CRAP is it the embassy or the nasty people ?
    try downtown Malmo Sweden and see what happens to ya.
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  13. Is it? Well I'll be I thought It was a place in comic books not a place that's been a shithole for years that has no reason to visit whatsoever. Kinda funny that it's a simmering hole because they believe the boogada bullshit they've been fed about witches and black magic.And the Philippines is amazing outside of the shithole cities. Full of great people that will drink and laugh with you and feed you and offer shelter. I meet these people because Im a South Philly tradesman not a trinket wearing hotel guy. Charlie's country is a great movie so is Texas Chainsaw. Australia and Texas are still great places. Don't let movies scaremonger you son TV is not real life or even in your best interest.

  14. Spent 4 months in goteburg last year. funny how beating the literal shit out of the first 2 monkies that thought I would be a soft swedeish touch deterred any others. And why would anyone go to Congo? We can get that in Chicago which was a fun fucking town and safe as can be if you're not going to the south side for some crack or something. Kinda why Smollett wasn't believed from the beginning
    I guess you're nobody say boo because you would shit your pants if they did


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