Alyssa Milano explains the Constitution to all the ‘2A zealots’

On Friday night, Alyssa Milano, who hasn’t “been relevant since Who’s the Boss,” decided to explain how the 2nd Amendment works to all the “2A zealots” out there because they obviously don’t know anything about our nation’s founding documents:

1. Hey, 2A zealots!

Let’s talk about the 2nd Amendment for a second, shall we?

Gun lovers: “Shut up, Melissa Alano, you haven’t been relevant since Who’s The Boss & I’m just practicing my 2nd amendment rights. It’s my constitutional right to own guns. You can’t have my guns.”

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Are you surprised that she already doesn’t know WTF she’s talking about? It’s pretty clear from the thread that she doesn’t see a difference between the M16 and an AR-15:

2. My response to all of you 2Aers is this:

If you’re in the National Guard, you can carry an M16. If you’re in your house defending your family, well, the Supreme Court said that’s OK too.

You have the right to bear arms.


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Because there are “sensible regulations” in place if you want to go out an buy an M16, but she doesn’t know that, obviously:
3. But...there’s nothing in 2A that prevents sensible regulation.

That’s why you’re not ‘practicing’ your constitutional right to bear arms w/ a pipe bomb or sarin gas or a Huey.

We the People get to decide how ‘well-regulated’ you are.
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Why, yes, we’d love to have a sensible debate on guns with the actress who doesn’t know anything about what she’s trying to sensibly regulate:
4. In closing, I ask gun zealots this:

Don’t you want the country to be a safer place? For your loved ones? For your babies?

We only want regulation. We only want to ensure guns don’t get into the wrong hands. We only want to live in a country free of preventable gun violence.
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She really set herself up for this one, didn’t she?

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  1. We are So far from adult thinking. What does "infringe" mean?
    "act so as to limit or undermine (something); encroach on."
    The Second is already dead and has been for decades. The second is infringed in spades!

  2. I bet ordinary Venezuelans wish they had a similar right. Things there might be very different, and the animals in the zoo would have had happier lives.


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